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PressWork is a fantastic WordPress framework that was developed using HTML5 and CSS3.

As with the majority of frameworks, the theme preview doesn’t really give you a good idea of what the framework can do as the default design is very minimal. Where frameworks excel is their usability and PressWork certainly doesn’t disappoint.

PressWork WordPress Theme

After you install PressWork you are presented with a welcome screen that gives you a basic understanding. Nearly all WordPress themes let you customise the design through the admin area however PressWork works differently. A panel is shown down the bottom left of your page when you are logged in that lets you modify your design and settings.

PressWork WordPress Theme

There are 5 areas that you can customise: settings, layout, colours, fonts and social. The last button in the panel lets you update your settings.

PressWork WordPress Theme

The settings option lets you switch on a drag and drop editor and switch on hooks and functions. The drag and drop editor works really well. You can add menus, sidebars and footers and move them around to the position you want.

In the layout section you can set the width of each content area, set your logo and favicon and add additional menus and widget areas. The colours and font sections let you easily change how each section of your site is displayed. It’s quite basic but works well. Social is the last option and from there you can add your details for Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and LinkedIn.

PressWork is free to download however those who want the original PSD file and premium support will need to pay $59.95. I’m a big admirer of developers who release great products such as this on a freemium basis as it means that everyone can get the design for free but those who need support can still get it.

It’s certainly not the most advanced theme frameworks available for WordPress but it’s very easy to use and has a clean and professional design. I recommend checking it out :)

More information about PressWork can be found at the links below.


PressWork: Info | Download | Demo

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  • Comment by Julia

    Hi, I’m trying to figure out how readers can subscribe by email. I don’t see a widget for it.

  • Comment by Bobby

    wow, this is the most easy to use wordpress framework, I am able to understand it just for a few minutes. And it’s powerful! Still experimenting with this framework right now.

    Thank you Kevin.

  • Comment by Saifu

    Great Work..

  • Comment by Kevin Muldoon
    Kevin Muldoon

    Yeah it’s a great framework. I was very impressed. I’ve tweeted about zeeBusiness :)

  • Comment by Thomas

    I have tested PressWork and looked into the code. It’s very good work ;)

    People who don’t code and want a flexible design with many options should really try it.

    Kevin, you’re absolutely right with the theme preview. Many frameworks have only a minimal and boring default design and lose customers. The download stats of PressWork isn’t very high for such a good framework, but most people only look at the screenshot and demo page.

    btw I have released a new theme called zeeBusiness. I would be very pleased, if you promote the theme via a tweet or blog post. ;)