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The upcoming image sharing app Pressgram was officially “KickStarted” over the weekend as it easily eclipsed its $50,000 crowdfunding goal by obtaining nearly 500 overall pledges from backers. The project, which will now begin its main development phase, received a total of $56,500 in contributions on its KickStarter page, meaning the app now has sufficient funding for a minimal viable product (MVP).

John Saddington

On the official Pressgram website, entrepreneur John Saddington posted, “We did it! Our Kickstarter Project was a success! Now the real work begins…” The Atlanta, Georgia developer posted Saturday on the Pressgram Blog and attached a screenshot which showed that the project was only $1 from its goal with approximately 37 hours left in the crowdfunding process. “A crazy screenshot of the project just $1 shy of the mark,” Saddington wrote. “At this point, though, we’ve already crossed it, but thanks @Pottblog for capturing this epic moment. Still time to get in on the action though as I’ve changed up the stretch goal to building the Android version for initial release (even if we don’t hit it I still would like to build it after v1.0 of iOS is launched), as well as a lower-end ‘swag’ offer so people can get the limited edition tshirts and stickers. As I mentioned here… there’s nothing much more to say at this point (still in shock + relief + nervous excitement + exhaustion) than this. Thank you.”

In an April 15th video blog post, the young entrepreneur from Atlanta, Georgia explained that he expects to have Pressgram up and running by August of this year, and that he will be sending out emails over the next few days to his backers requesting email addresses, t-shirt sizes, website links, etc.

Pressgram Concept

If you’ve read our previous articles related to the Pressgram project, then you are aware that it is a project aimed at protecting the privacy rights of individuals who frequently upload photographic content to popular websites such as Instagram. Many users of Facebook, Instagram and other sites have learned that content they upload onto their accounts no longer belongs to them in many cases; even if they physically took the picture and originated the content in the first place.

With Pressgram, the idea is to deliver an interactive software application that is capable of filtering your photos and allowing you to choose when/how to post the images to your WordPress blog while still retaining full rights to your uploads.

User-Submitted Content Rights

Saddington explains on his KickStarter page that “Pressgram might seem like just another ‘_[fill_in_the_blank]_gram’ app but it’s functionally and philosophically different. You see, I want to build an independent publishing platform that isn’t beholden to strange and changing Privacy Policies, Terms of Service, or Licensing agreements under big-name publicly traded social networks for the users to get confused over. Instead, I’m looking to combine my long-standing love with WordPress, the best open source publishing platform on the planet (it currently powers over 17% of the top 1MM websites) and my mobile device to create a new creative solution. In an over-simplified nutshell, it’s WordPress + iOS + Filtered Photos.”

The download, once development has been completed, will be 100% free for everyone to use. Basically, you’ll be able to send readers and followers directly to your blog site instead of a corporate landing page in which other companies are able to monetize your traffic. Individual users will be able to retain their own page views automatically rather than losing them to sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc.

Now that the project has been officially KickStarted, we will continue to keep our readers up to date on the latest progress of Pressgram as it moves into its main development stage.

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