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Now that the official KickStarter crowd funding campaign has ended, the true work begins for the young entrepreneur John Saddington of Atlanta, Georgia. Here at WPHub, we’ve brought our readers numerous news stories on the invention and development of Pressgram, an independent software platform that will allow users to upload and manage their images to their WordPress blogs without having to relinquish licensing rights to sites such as Facebook and Instagram. The application will also serve as a way to administrate galleries and decide specifically which images to publish and where; allowing end users the ability to specify links and gain page views that are currently being given to other websites.

Pressgram Graphics

Total contributions for the project’s funding campaign on came in at $56,500 – which was $6,500 above the original goal of $50,000 and will allow for the software’s creation within a time period of four months. On the official crowd funding page, Pressgram developer John Saddington wrote that with the software “you now get more creative control over your content than ever before. You won’t have to “license” your photos from the app or the company – they are yours forever and you’ll never see them anywhere else except your own profile and blog. This is a boon for the artist, the creative, the independent content creator who doesn’t need to worry about digital agreements or where they may end up seeing their own handiwork. It’s yours, for goodness sake. No worries here. You see, we believe that true creative control is not just about act and process of creating but also publication, especially in today’s digital economy.”

Initial Development Stages

Now that the money has been raised, development has begun and there are several areas that will be focused on in order to get the free download out to users within the specified time frame. For one, $30,000 has been earmarked for the core development of Pressgram which the creator believes will give users a highly functional platform to filter, upload and manage content like never before while still enjoying sole ownership rights over every bit of information. Another $10,000 has been designated for quality assurance and strategic development assistance, while other budget areas consist of server and hosting requirements, design talent, a product video and landing page design.

Pressgram Developer Demo

On Monday, April 29th, Saddington released his first Developer Demo for the product explaining that he is “excited to share with you the first development demo of the actual application on my iPhone! As I may have mentioned (I forget) the reason I have so few apps on my iPhone can be explained here: Crippling My iPhone. The reason is so that I can have more margin in my life to finish this project as well as maintain my sanity. I can’t believe it’s only been 2 weeks since our Kickstarter Project finished – can you believe it? Seems like an eternity ago. Oh, and this is the first time I attempted to add any audio to my Youtube uploads! Pretty neat editor, who knew. I just chose one of the featured audio clips.”

Pressgram Usage

The main concept of retaining license rights over one’s content is a major plus for those who are creative and also enjoy uploading hundreds (if not thousands) of images to their websites. Instead of sharing the data via Facebook or Instagram, users can simply publish on their blog independently instead of giving away their page views while at the same time granting ownership of photographic content to other websites.

If all goes according to plan, we can expect to see Pressgram in its full glory in just a few short months!

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  • Comment by David Huber
    David Huber

    Thanks for the clarification John.

  • Comment by John Saddington
    John Saddington

    thanks for the press here on *ahem* Pressgram!

    Note, explicit galleries of photos (like WordPress galleries) are not v1.0, but user “galleries” a’la instagram, are v1.0.

    Not sure if that makes sense.