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Following a successful crowd funding campaign to raise a minimum of $50,000 to create and release a software app aimed at allowing users to retain the rights and page views to shared image content, Atlanta, Georgia entrepreneur John Saddington has released several blog entries on the development progress of Pressgram. In a blog post, Saddington revealed an all new Product Strategy (focusing on the three key points of Completeness, Correctness and Fit) that will be used to place the app in as many hands as possible once the minimal viable product (MVP) is released some time in August of this year.

John Saddington

“When launching a new product you need a strategy. I hate strategy,” Saddington wrote. “To be honest, it’s more of a reaction to people spending too much time on strategy and not enough time on actually doing stuff. In fact, building a strategy can oftentimes rob the product of valuable time that could be spent actually building the darn thing. In fact, I’m infinitely less concerned with strategy than actually developing the product, building concept #1, and testing it in the real world. But that doesn’t excuse me from not having one. So, what I do is I selectively pick and choose from a comprehensive product strategy the parts that make the most sense for the particular product I’m building and then proactively work through the pragmatics as things arise.”

The Pressgram Concept

As many of our readers are aware, sharing photos online can often mean relinquishing the rights to exclusive content in spite of the fact that the images were created solely by the original user. Once a file is posted on Facebook or Instagram, those companies can use the likenesses and even entire photos at will while also benefiting from page views that are generated once an item is shared.

With Pressgram, the idea is for original owners to maintain exclusive rights to their content while also being able to designate when and where the images are posted as well as who can see them. Being able to direct viewers to your own blog page for more information can be a huge boost to any website, and Pressgram (once the initial launch takes place in August) will be able to perform that task in addition to providing nifty filters and other goodies.

Pressgram Dev Demo

There have been recent inquiries into the iOS version of Pressgram along with its compatibility. Saddington addressed these questions earlier in May by informing fans that the software will have support for iPhone 4, 4S, and 5 using the most used iOS versions, 5.1-6.1.

Crowd Funding At Its Best

If you’ve been keeping up with the news stories we’ve published here at, then you’re well aware of the popularity of crowd funding themes in general. Envato subsidiary has even placed a bounty on new themes that deal with setting up a website similar to KickStarter or IndieGoGo that enable those seeking funding for a project to share ideas and raise funds through a single platform.

By independently launching a campaign online, the creator of a product is able to seek funding from a large audience while the website itself is often able to gain a small commission off of successfully financed ideas – a win/win situation for both parties. Themes that have been created in 2013 often come with fully widgetized sidebar and footer regions as well as responsive layouts, custom page templates and easy to understand back-end controls.

In many cases, backers are constantly informed of progress once the project has received the necessary financing to move forward and sometimes receive exclusive prizes as a reward for their participation. To find out more about Pressgram’s progress, visit the official Pressgram blog.

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