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The other day I was looking through the premium WordPress themes we offer here on the site from ThemeForest, and was amazed at just how much “multi-purpose” downloads have taken over in popularity. One of our favorite themes here at WPHub, King Size, is just one among many highly versatile products that are in demand by both individual and corporate buyers.

More Versatility, More Options

When it comes down to it, popular premium themes are being updated to include more goodies that can be used by webmaster for a wider variety of purposes. From what I’ve witnessed over the last few months, simple niche themes that have a very narrow range of uses are falling into the background (except for personal blogging) and making way for ultra customizable premium WordPress themes.

King Size Slider Small

Take the King Size theme for example. This product has been recently updated by ThemeForest to include even more functionality. Are you looking for a theme that offers side navigation with the ability to publish multimedia content, can be laid out in a number of formats, contains several portfolio layouts and a full screen content slider that will follow your visitors around regardless of the page they’re browsing? If so, then the most recent update to King Size will likely impress you; even if you’re a seasoned veteran of the WordPress industry.

Niche Theme With Multiple Features

Recently, I had an opportunity to coordinate a review we did here at on a new theme by ThemeFuse called HomeQuest. As you would expect, this is a real estate niche theme that is configured to perform at a high level for individual brokers or large agencies.

Homequest Map Small

One of its main features is that it allows those who are in the market for a property the ability to access a map where multiple locations are displayed. For example, if the front-end user searches for single-family homes in a certain radius within a municipality, ALL entries will show up on the map so he/she can simply click on the options from the map to obtain more information.

Homequest Slider Small

Perhaps more impressive is that HomeQuest is chock-filled with additional maneuverability that allows programmers the option of inserting high quality blog feeds, high-resolution photographic content via a fully interactive slider, plus a full list of shortcodes for video & image sliders, carousels, maps, charts, and all the works.

How Long Until Non-Responsive Themes Are Obsolete?

If you used a smart phone before 2010 to browse the internet, chances are you learned all about “scrolling fatigue” and how difficult (or rather, impossible) it could be to fully engage with text-heavy or high resolution content when visiting a website that didn’t have a software consideration in place for mobile device users.

Chameleon Responsive Small

Nowadays, those using a small screen simply bypass websites (for the most part) when they arrive at a site where they’re going to be forced to horizontally scroll through loads of information without ever having the ability to fit a single section on the screen. This is because the market has adapted with fully responsive designs that cater to iPhone, Blackberry, Android, and iPad users like never before.

In the screenshot above, I used one of most widely purchased products from Elegant Themes, Chameleon. This product can “change its color” with a single command, but also has a lot of adaptation value when it comes to how information is displayed; not to mention its social media and major browser compatibility.

No More “Rigid” Themes?

When it comes to how much a website owner can customize his/her own theme and make it perform to parameters that may not have been originally envisioned, we could be at a time when “rigid” premium WordPress themes are on their way out. A number of colleagues in the industry today are noticing a trend where less plugins are required to get the most out of a quality download.

Time will only tell if this trend continues. If you have a comment you’d like to leave for this article, please feel free to reply in the section below.

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  • Comment by Erwin van Ginkel | ThemeThumbs
    Erwin van Ginkel | ThemeThumbs

    We agree with the trends you described. Although, we have some considerations. First, responsive themes are immense popular. We don’t dare to develop a new website without. Afterwords I regulary doubt about the added value. A non-responsive theme can look great on a tablet. And many smart phone users don’t mind to zoom. Some even prefer to zoom instead of thumbscrolling
    Second consideration is that most newbies can’t handle too much functionalities at once. Simple themes without too much adjustment possibilities might suit this type of user. And many WordPress users are not that experienced.