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As someone who does a lot of blogging, I tend to keep an eye out for both free and premium plugins that will make my life easier. Today I thought it would be fun to put together a short list of 5 premium WordPress plugins I’ve got my eye on. Now I’ll grant you – there are a lot of very valuable free plugins out there. But it’s been my experience that sometimes if you want the very best you just have to pay for it. So here are 5 plugins I plan on paying for real soon.

1. Pippity


From what I can gather, Pippity is the best pop-up lead gathering solution for WordPress. The Pippity service doesn’t just allow you to put your own copy in a pop-up box, they have beautifully designed templates that you can choose from, customize, and add your own images to. Since I’m interested in keeping my readers happy while building out my email list I will probably be buying this plugin very soon.

Download: Pippity Plugin | Price: Starts at $49

2. FontPress


I’m a typography junkie. I keenly aware of the visual power the right (or wrong) font/typeface can have over a reader when they see it. Because of this I’ve always got my eye out for good type solutions that will allow me to display all of my copy in just the right way. I’ve found that FontPress has quite the array of options. And since they allow you to upload your own fonts, I’ll always have access to exactly what I’m looking for.

Download: FontPress Plugin | Price: $15

3. Scribe


So Scribe is probably the most popular premium plugin for SEO. It is produced by CopyBlogger Media and I’m pretty sure I’ve never read or heard a single negative thing about it. What does it do? Simply put it takes the guess work out of SEO. It helps you target and research your keywords, grades your content on how effective it is, and even automatically helps you build back links and cross links. I can’t wait to own this plugin. Day in and day out I write SEO optimized copy for both my sites and client sites. This is not only going to make my life easier, but it’s going to put extra money in my pocket.

Download: Scribe Plugin | Price: Starts at $17/month

4. Ninja Affiliate


I’m looking to get a little more serious about my personal affiliate marketing efforts. Naturally, I looked around to see what’s out there and which plugins or other tools might help me out. When I found Ninja Affiliate I was blown away by how feature rich this thing is. As you can see in the image above, this plugin covers everything.

Download: Ninja Affiliate Plugin | Price: Starts at $37

5. Gravity Forms


Gravity Forms makes it onto a lot of plugin lists. There’s a good reason for that. Gravity Forms is the best way to make attractive custom forms on WordPress. When combining business and blogging like I do, it was only a matter of time before I had to start looking seriously at buying this plugin.

Download: Gravity Forms Plugin | Price: Starts at $39

Final Thought

And there you have it – my list of 5 plugins that I’ve deemed worthy of a purchase. I know that there are many more premium plugins worth my money, but as of right this moment, these are the ones I’ve got my eye on. What about you? Do you have a favorite premium WordPress Plugin? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below!

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  • Comment by Nathan Weller
    Nathan Weller

    I guess in this sense you’re reading “promising” differently than I’m writing it. In terms of context that is. These are 5 plugins that I am planning to purchase, which is what I mean by promising. This is not a list of new plugins who I think will “make it”.

  • Comment by Piet

    interesting list, although I am really wondering what Gravity Forms does on your list? Don’t get me wrong, I think Gravity is an awesome plugin, but it certainly has no place in the “promising” category. Come on, the plugin was released more than 2 years ago, that is an established success, not promising.

  • Comment by Nathan Weller
    Nathan Weller

    Corey – I’ll have to check that plugin out. Thanks for putting it on my radar.

    Frank – While I blog a lot I’m fairly new to affiliate marketing. So I’ll be sure to check out those free plugins…and most likely do a write up based on what I find. Thank you so much for the references :)

  • Comment by Frank Steiner
    Frank Steiner

    I believe Ninja affiliate plugin is very overrated. You can get the same functionality with seo smart links and Affiliate Link Cloaking plugin, both of which are free.

  • Comment by corey brown
    corey brown

    Great list. I hadn’t seen all of them, and a couple are worth exploring. My go to premium (technically “freemium”) plugin is SharePress. This plugin allows you to have scheduled posts hit your Facebook timeline or Page (the Page feature is part of the paid plugin). It also allows for scheduling previously published posts to Facebook as well. Disclaimer: I know the guy who created it, and had a hand in the spec, but I don’t benefit from the sale of it. Just a very happy customer. Here’s the link: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/sharepress/

  • Comment by Jonathan Dingman
    Jonathan Dingman

    No doubt about it that Gravity Forms is a promising Premium Plugin. It’s the only contact form I use for all of my WordPress sites.

    Their support is amazing and the plugin is so flexible, it’s easy to build almost any experience needed.