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It is not uncommon for popular content management scripts to offer users easy ways to import their content from other products and services. Though Posterous have clearly set their sights on taking a huge market share from WordPress by setting up a page telling WordPress users why they should switch.

The first thing I noticed about their comparison chart was they are comparing Posterous to the self hosted script rather than the hosted service. They are promoting the fact that a Posterous blog is free to host and doesn’t require you to install any security or feature updates – two features which users already enjoy.

I truly believe that 99% of self hosted WordPress users would not switch to a hosted service because they want complete control of their blog and need most of the features it has. So they should be targeting those who use the service and look at the pros and cons between the two services.

Move from WordPress to Posterous and take the work out of blogging

Yesterday they posted the top 5 reasons to switch from WordPress to Posterous on their official blog. The 5 reasons were:

  1. You will blog more on Posterous.
  2. Posterous is insanely mobile.
  3. Posterous allows you to focus on content.
  4. Posterous does all the heavy lifting. For free.
  5. Posterous hustles.

I do think that there are lots of great reasons why people would switch from hosted blogging services like and Blogger to lighter solutions like Tumblr and Posterous. Many people are simply looking for the quickest and easiest way to share their thoughts and pictures online so I can see the appeal of services with less features.

However I disagree with some of the top reasons to switch from WordPress.

I don’t understand users who are posting much more now that they are on Posterous. The ability to email your posts is fantastic but surely this isn’t the reason WordPress users don’t post as much (I would also argue that most Posterous posts are shorter because of this feature too).

Bloggers who are saying that WordPress isn’t mobile have clearly not used the official WordPress app for iPhone, Blackberry or Android.

Those who are saying that they post more content via Posterous are suggesting that WordPress is too bloated with features. I guess in some respects this is true. As WordPress develops and becomes more versatile it is inevitable that it will add a lot of features that many will not use. I am familiar with WordPress so I simply ignore certain features if I am building a site for a specific purpose.

However I appreciate some people are looking for simplicity. Those who are should check out Tumblr and Posterous as they are fantastic at what they do.

I love WordPress as it is the solution for 95% of the websites I develop but I would definitely look elsewhere if WordPress didn’t do what I required.

Competition is healthy so I do hope Posterous continues to improve. I just hope that they see some sense and start comparing their service to the hosted WordPress service rather the self hosted script. Plus they should really emphasise that Posterous is perfect for those who are looking for something simpler.

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this. Would you switch from WordPress to Posterous?


UPDATE: Looks like Squarespace are targeting WordPress too after getting a $38 million injection.

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  • Comment by John Flower
    John Flower

    Blogging more is not necessarily a good thing.

    I almost agreed with you on the point that they should be targeting users, but looking at some of the featured sites reveals that they offer a service for your very own domain name, much like blogger. If not, it would be dumb for anyone to move over. But yeah, total control sounds much better to me than free, painless hosting.