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Designing, developing and maintaining a website can be a grossly time-consuming process. Outsourcing any or all of these processes is a great option, if you can afford it. If you can’t, the next best approach is one of my favorites – keep it simple, stupid.

Simplicity is key to ensuring that your site has the best look, rankings and support possible. One option for keeping things simple is using the Genesis framework.

The Genesis Framework is supported by StudioPress, a provider of premium WordPress themes.  Calling itself “the industry standard in WordPress design frameworks,” Genesis provides a one-stop, easy and intuitive platform for building WordPress sites.

To better explain how this all works, I like the car analogy used by StudioPress on its own website.

In a car, you have three main components: the engine, the frame or body and the paint job. For websites, you have WordPress, Genesis and what are referred to as “child themes.” WordPress is the engine of the car- the main component that allows the car – or website- in this case – to run. A framework like Genesis is essentially a powerful type of WordPress theme, in other words, the frame and body of the car. The framework acts as a design, security, and SEO foundation for the site. A child theme is the pure design element that rests on top of the framework, or like the paint  job or graphics on the outside of the car.

Easy enough. So what makes Genesis so special? A number of features:

  • State of the art code, smart design architecture and automatic updates ensure never have to think about updating code again.Your code will always be up to date and fully optimized, which is paramount for achieving the best SEO possible.
  • Professional child theme designs are turn-key in that they don’t require professional help and can be changed in a snap without hurting your search engine rankings because the design is kept completely separate from the core code.
  • Unlimited websites, support, and updates are available for one low price.
  • State of the art security developed with the help of WordPress developer Mark Jaquith means the framework follows all of WordPress security’s best practices.
  • One-button click for WordPress updates
  • Super simple customization is possible with Genesis. It’s widget ready, and adjustable in terms of theme options and layout, comment functionality, ad inserts, and internationalization.
  • As easy as it all is, if you don’t want to do the work yourself, you can hire StudioPress designers and developers to do it for you.

Here are some examples of sites using Genesis from the StudioPress showcase created by Genesis users or developers working on their behalf. StudioPress has a list of Genesis developers they recommend for customization.

Patty’s Food

Lethemon Financial

Head North LLC

WP By the Minute

Positive reviews abound on the web about how great Genesis is and how easy it is to use. In researching the framework, I found a few more tips: To optimize the SEO functions in Genesis, use a custom description for every post, and allow it to follow tags and categories. Also if you put a link to an external site, set it up so that it opens in a separate window, so you can keep your site available and hold its pagerank.

Do you use Genesis? Does it work well for you? What do you like most, or what do you wish it offered that it doesn’t currently? Tell us your story in the comments below.

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  • Comment by Josh Trenser
    Josh Trenser

    Folks, I love Genesis, using it on my site.