Plugin Review – No Right Click Images

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The accessibility of information on the internet makes it really easy for content and images to be reused without permission. The only way to ensure that your content and images won’t be used improperly is to not post it in the first place. That option is becoming entirely unrealistic in a global economy.

If your WordPress site contains original artwork or photography or proprietary images, you have a stake in protecting those images from thievery. The harder you make it for site visitors to “Save As” or otherwise download your images to private directories, the less likely they will be to try. Typically the first step in creating this kind of headache is to disable the right click mouse function on your site. That’s where the No Right Click Images Plugin can help. The plugin disables the ability to call up the context menu when right-clicking your mouse so that images cannot be downloaded or saved.

What’s unique about this plugin is that while it disables the context menu on images, you can still right click on other parts of the site, such as links, so you don’t completely lose all that functionality and annoy the good Samaritans that aren’t trying to steal your photos.

Installation and upload is as easy as 1-2-3:
1. Download the plugin here.
2. Upload the plugin to your wp-content/plugins directory.
3. Activate the plugin.

Once it’s uploaded to your admin page, you will see it in your plugin list like this:

To confirm that the plug in works, you can easily go to your main page and try to right click on an image. The menu should not appear; however, if you right click on a link, the menu will appear.

Artwork: Afraid by Nachan

As mentioned above, disabling the right click is just the first step in deterring the transfer of images from your site. Other techniques you can use include:

  • Shrink wrap your images – when someone tries to download your image, he is actually downloading a clear glass panel and not the image underneath it.
  • Watermark or emboss your images with some kind of identifiable mark is another option. Having your name splashed across the image makes it less useful in a generic situation or where someone intents to use it on his branded site.
  • “Slice and dice” your images – Chop images into smaller pieces and then reassemble them on the webpage using a HTML table tag. If the image is copied and then pasted, it appears as a series of grids. The images appears seamless on your page; only the person who is trying to illegally download your image will ever know that your image has been sliced and diced.

Final Thought

The No Right Click Images plugin is a fast, first step to deterring image stealing. It’s a straightforward plugin that does what it says and takes just seconds to install. Remember though, every solution proposed here does have some kind of work-around; if someone is patient enough and is will to do the work, they can find a way to use your images. The harder you make it, the less likely it is that it will happen.