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WordPress developer Mark Jaquith is developing an incredibly useful plugin installer tool.

As it stands, plugin developers advise users to download their plugin from either their website or the plugin directory. Many also take advantage of WordPress’s fantastic in built installation feature and tell users to search for their plugin from their own WordPress admin area. However, as you know, when you search for a plugin within your website admin area it brings up dozens of plugins, therefore there is always a chance of you downloading the wrong plugin.

Mark is improving this process by making it easier for users to download plugins directly from the developers website. So instead of being referred to the plugin page on, they are referred to a page where they can enter their website address.

Plugin Installer Tool

After you enter your address you are taken to the usual plugin information page.

Plugin Installer Tool

Once you hit the install button you are taken back to your own website and you can install the plugin just like you normally would.

Plugin Installer Tool

Mark is hoping to integrate this feature into official releases of WordPress over the next month or so. What it essentially means is that when you come across a good plugin you can simply click on the installation link and quickly install it on your website rather than searching for it through your admin panel.

It’s a simple improvement but it’s one which makes WordPress plugin installation even easier so I’m looking forward to seeing it included in future versions of WordPress. Well done Mark :)


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  • Comment by Marta Daniels
    Marta Daniels

    Like the sound of this tool, for computer illiterates like me, lol!