Pink Touch 2 – An Elegant Personal Blog WordPress Theme

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Pink Touch 2 is a one column free WordPress theme from Automattic.

The simple design has beautiful typography and supports 9 post formats: standard, quote, aside, image, gallery, chat, audio, link, and video. This makes it an ideal design for a personal blog or simple portfolio website; though it’s flexible enough to be used for a video website, gallery or traditional blog.

It uses the custom header and custom background features and three widget areas in the footer. The top navigation area is powered by the WordPress menu system.

Pink Touch 2 WordPress Theme

Social media links and author profiles are shown at the bottom of blog posts. It has a minimal feel that should appeal to many of you.

Pink Touch 2 WordPress Theme

The numerous post formats make Pink Touch 2 a very flexible theme. My personal favourite is the chat format that alternates background and border colours to highlight each speakers lines.

Pink Touch 2 Chat Post Format

Pink Touch 2 is a simple and elegant theme that allows you to easily publish videos, photographs, audio and much more. I recommend trying it out if you are looking for a design for your personal theme.


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