Give Me Your Clothes, Your Boots And Your Navigation!

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I browse WordPress plugins quite a lot and test many plugins for WPMods too. Many turn out to be much better than expected whilst some disappoint due to bad coding or poor execution.

Most plugins for WordPress have generic names which are easy to forget and not surprisingly, get lost in the official directory. So when I came across a plugin called Paginator 3000, I felt an overwhelming duty to show it all to you :)

Despite its cool name, Paginator 3000 is a simple navigation plugin which gives you a different way of presenting your posts. In addition to the next and previous post links Paginator 3000 adds a scrollable bar which lists all of your blog posts. It sounds kind of pointless but once you try it I’m sure you will agree that it’s actually quite useful and makes navigating posts easier.

If you have a lot of archives posts on your blog and want a practical and fun way for visitors to browse your content, I recommend checking out Paginator 3000. At the very least you should download it to support WordPress developers who name their plugins after automated killing machines from the future!!


Link: Paginator 3000 WordPress Plugin

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  • Comment by John Flower
    John Flower

    Thanks. downloaded it and look forward to trying it. like you say: it seems simple, but it’s often the smallest things that make a great change. wow, i sound like a president or something :-)