PageLines To Launch Its Own Design Store For Their Framework

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PageLines recently announced that they will be launching their own store on December 8th 2011. They claim it will be the first ever marketplace for drag-and-drop web design. The store will sell sections, themes and plugins that work with the PageLines framework.

In many ways it’s going to work in a similar fashion to Apples app store; with developers getting a 70% cut of all sales through the store. It will be interesting to see how a theme store like this is received within the community. The PageLines framework costs $95, which is the average price for premium frameworks in the WordPress community.

Other frameworks such as Headway sell add ons to users that enhance the framework in some way. I’m not sure how different the PageLines solution will work to this.

The store will only work with PageLines 2.0; their upcoming version of their popular framework. The price of the framework will jump from $95 to $197 though if you pre-order just now you can get it for the existing price of $95. PageLines have promised that they will look after customers who purchased lifetime licenses for previous versions of PageLines so you don’t have to worry too much if you are an existing customer.


Link: Welcome to the PageLines Store