One on One with PageLines Founder Andrew Powers: Part 4

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This is our fourth and final sit-down interview with PageLines founder Andrew Powers. Last time around, we talked about one of the most popular PageLines themes in existence and discussed the company’s focus on general themes. To wrap up our interview, we’ll look at Powers’ engineering, business, and graphic design background; the PageLines pricing strategy; and a few of the popular plug-ins and extensions the company has developed.

WPHub: What differentiates PageLines from the other WordPress theme-related companies in the marketplace?

andrew powersAndrew Powers: We focus on customer experiences, which helps us make good decisions with our overall strategy. We have 24-hour support, a really close-knit community, and an enthusiastic support team. We also have a very enthusiastic software community. That’s what people are signing up for when they sign up for PageLines, really.

WPHub: Discuss the pricing logic that PageLines has adopted.

Andrew Powers: It comes down to being fair on price. It’s all about what justifies our costs on our end and allows us to continue to do things. We consider ourselves to be premium and we’ve priced it that way. The framework is a one-time fee, but given what it costs us over the long-run in terms of support, recurring customer extensions, and all of the stuff that’s ongoing, we have to charge for it that way.

WPHub: We understand you have a technical background. Tell us about it and whether it has come into play with PageLines.

Andrew Powers: I am an electrical engineer. I didn’t learn much about the web in that field, but I picked up graphic design because I was bored of doing schematics as an engineer. I liked the idea of being creative. I went to business school and came out with a startup that didn’t work out. The startup is where I learned to code and that’s where I wed it with graphic design. I was working on a LinkedIn of sorts for physicians. The problem was that physicians move very slowly and you have to pay them to do them anything. It wasn’t a project for a noob.

WPHub: You told us what differentiates your company is your emphasis on customer experiences. Where did that philosophy come from and how much room does PageLines still have to grow in that area?

Andrew Powers: This is a philosophy that comes from our most important core value: karma. Primarily, we think we can improve the PageLines experience by making the product more intuitive, faster, and professional. We have great support, but we’d like to see the product become so well designed that support isn’t needed.

WPHub: Can you talk about a few of your most popular plug-ins and extensions and tell us why they have been so popular? We see there’s one that causes snow to fall on your screen.

Andrew Powers: As for extensions, the themes that have been built for PageLines have been quite popular. We have developers selling hundreds of them. As for plug-ins, people love things that make workflow faster or easier like Nick Haskins’ Shortcode generator plug-in.

WPHub: What does a WordPress guru, engineer, and marketing guy like you do outside of work? What other hobbies and interests do you have? Have you been able to apply anything from those interests to your work at PageLines?

Andrew Powers: I love to travel (I’m talking to you from Thailand) and I’m a big fan of lifestyle design and advocate it with our customers. Part of PageLines’ mission is to enable people to live better lives by giving them a place in the virtual world so they don’t have to be stuck in one location in a standard day job.

WPHub: We’d like to thank Andrew Powers for his time. Check out PageLines for more details. While you’re there, be sure to learn how drag and drop can help you.

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