Link To An External URL With Page Links To

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Today I would like to talk about a good plugin from Mark Jaquith that I believe many of you will find useful. Page Links To is a simple plugin that lets you redirect the URL of any WordPress post or page to the location of your choice.

This is incredibly useful if you have changed the URL of a page, either temporarily or permanently. If you have moved a URL permanently you can use the default redirection which is a 301 redirect. You can also use a 302 temporary redirect if necessary (e.g. if you are working on a certain area of your site and need to move content elsewhere for a few days).

Page Links To

Redirecting a link is very straight forward. The plugin adds a ‘Page Links To’ box in the post page underneath the post editor. You can set your new URL here and choose to open the link in a new window too.

A good plugin to keep in mind if you ever need to forward visitors to a new location.


Page Links To: Information | Download