Spice Up Your RSS Feed With Ozh’ Better Feed

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I spoke about RSS footer plugins back in March in my article ‘WordPress Plugins which help reduce the damage done by RSS Blog Scrapers‘. One which I didn’t include in my list was Better Feed from plugin developer Ozh.

The plugin allows you to customise how your RSS feed is displayed. You can cut feeds in posts with the ‘Read More’ and ‘Next Page’ Links and change how ‘Read More’ statement too. The best feature is undoubtedly the footer editor. The plugin gives you an editor, similar to the post editor, which allows you to customise your RSS footer using HTML.

Ozh Better Feed WordPress Plugin

Better Feed is a great little plugin which I’m sure many of you will find useful. It allows you to add copyright notices, anti spam links and advertisements to your footer via your admin area. I recommend checking it out :)


Ozh’ Better Feed: Information | Download