Online Instruction Plugins WP Teacher And Watu Released (Poll)

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In an age in which niche accessories are continuously released to satisfy an exponentially growing demand, two new WordPress plugins were released over the weekend for online instruction.

The WP Teacher plugin is fully compatible with WordPress 3.4.2 and will work properly for versions going back to 3.0.1. The tool allows teachers who have an online website to organize course content and integrate it on their own site in order to get the most out of their efforts. In turn, this will go a long way toward enhancing the front-end user experience in cases where students go directly to a domain for material, exams, interaction, etc).

WP Teacher Assignment InfoThe official post on states, “WP Teacher is a plugin that allows teachers to use WordPress to their advantage by intergrating course content into thier personal website to ehnhance student learning. WP Teacher is built with easy-to-use features that will make his or her WordPress experience easier.” The post goes on to say that WP Teacher functions like typical blog postings, but provides addtional features to maximize student learning. All the features work togeather. The plugin is maximized for customization which makes it perfect for multi-site wordpress installation.”

As of early Monday afternoon, a total of 41 downloads had been made of the plugin, which is authored by WordPress user “fredlawl.” User feedback is still very limited at this point, but the three people who have voted so far have given WP Teacher an average of 4.7 Stars out of 5.

This free tool can be installed automatically from your Dashboard by logging in, clicking Plugins > Add New, typing in “WP Teacher,” and then clicking Install Now. After it has uploaded, you’ll need to activate it by clicking the corresponding button.

Watu WordPress Plugin For Teachers

The Watu plugin was updated on Wednesday to Version 1.6.2 and has been downloaded more than 4,000 times since it was originally made available. Six individuals have voted on this plugin by using the Star Rating system, with the average coming out to 3.7 out of 5 Stars.

In order to make this plugin work, you will need to upload the Watu folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory and then activate it. The great thing about this tool is that it can be used to create tests with an unlimited amount of questions and answers, plus it will assign grades after the exams has been completed by your students.

“Create exams and quizzes and display the result immediately after the user takes the exam. You can assign grades and point levels for every grade. Then assign points to every answer to a question and Watu will figure out the grade based on the total number of points collected,” according to the item page.

The free download is a “lite” option, meaning those who wish to get the most out of this plugin will need to download and install Watu Pro, which was created by “prasunsen” and can be purchased for a one time fee of $47.

Watu is compatible with WordPress 2.0.2 or higher and includes a complete FAQ that can be viewed from the plugin page. You can even assign negative points if need be.

Other Useful Plugins For Teaching

Those who give instruction of any type online have been spoiled in many ways by the many, useful accessories that have been published for WordPress users. Data organization and maintenance is at a premium in today’s world, resulting in more and more professionals seeking ways to reduce the overall time spent on getting their work to the front end for students to prosper from.

Below I’ve included a poll to gauge reader feedback on what the most worthwhile education-based plugins are. Feel free to complete the poll and/or leave a comment below!

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