OnePagerWebsite Promises a Business WordPress Site in 15 Minutes

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The concept of a single page business website is nothing new. In fact, people have been using WordPress for this since it’s invention by default because it’s always been so easy to set up. But what seems to have escaped the notice (until the last year or two) of more tech savvy individuals – such as those who might want to launch a startup aimed at making it even simpler to create a corporate website – is that “easy” isn’t always easy enough for everyone. Of course as WordPress has grown so has a supporting community of businesses such as design studios and developers specializing in WordPress modifications. So it’s been assumed that anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to setup a WordPress website themselves will hire one of these businesses or individuals to do it for them. But that’s just adding more time and layers to the process of getting a website live. If someone didn’t create a WordPress website themselves because it was already too difficult or time consuming, common sense should say that hiring someone else to do it for them is not the perfect fit either. Close, but not perfect.

One service trying to find the perfect fit is called OnePager. Not to be confused with OnePagerWebsite (from the title of this post), OnePager does not use the WordPress platform for their business sites. However, their business model and incredibly simple one page business website solution presents enormous competition to the aforementioned businesses and individuals who specialize in WordPress modification.

Sure, a large portion of business for any studio, developer, or designer who works with WordPress on a regular basis is going to be customizations specific to the business they’ve been hired to help out. But the success of OnePager – who according to this article on Mashable had already created 20,000 single page websites for new customers just 5 months after their launch in August 2011 – suggests that the market for the most basic business website possible is larger than many would have expected. As a result, it seems to have spawned a WordPress specific copy-cat called OnePagerWebsite. This service (again, the one this post is really about) promises a complete one page business website, built on WordPress, in just 15 minutes. If OnePager wasn’t already enough competition then OnePagerWebsite hits a bit closer to home for those who’s bread and butter is quick and simple corporate WordPress websites. Or does it?

What does OnePagerWebsite offer?

Their offering is pretty straightforward. For $299 plus tax they will walk you through a 15 minute, six step process that will provide your business with a one page website that includes the following:

  • Youtube Video Support
  • A Photo Gallery
  • About Section
  • Testimonials Section
  • Google Map
  • A “Contact Us” Lead Gen. Form
  • Social & Sharing Links
  • Display of Services
  • Hours of Operation
  • Service Area

How Does OnePagerWebsite Work?

As you might expect with a service like this the process is pretty straight forward. Getting started is as simple as filling out a series of forms – 6 to be exact – where the information in the image below is gathered and a one page corporate WordPress Site is produced from a template. OnePagerWebsite offers annual hosting packages, custom domain services, and five email addresses assigned to your unique domain.

OnePagerWebsite - HowItWorks

Closing Thoughts

After reviewing OnePagerWebsite I think the idea has merit, if not the service itself. After all, there are a lot of companies out there who do little else and still charge similar price points. But if their goal is to compete not only with those companies but also with the sleek and stylish – then they have quite a ways to go. Overall, the OnePagerWebsite service seems very rough around the edges to me. Their single page design options are limited to one template. They have very little in the way of how-to information/explanation and no gallery of completed site examples. Oh yeah, and there’s no way short of buying their service to see what kind of control you have over the administration of the site after they build it for you. So why write this post you might ask? Well, for me the question is a bit broader. The question is what does the emergence of new services like this mean for the WordPress ecosystem as a whole? As I said above, with the maturity of the WordPress platform, a large and varied community of businesses have grown up together. Do services like these threaten the relevance of solo “WordPress ninja’s” and creative shops who’s client list is padded with projects like this?