Our Readers Vote “One Time Fee” As Best Theme Purchase Plan

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Last week, we decided to ask our readers about their preferences when it comes to WordPress theme subscription plans. The choices available were Yearly, Monthly, and One Time Fee. With a total of 18 votes tallied, the overwhelming trend leaned towards single buy packages where customers can select any commercial product they need and make an outright payment for it.

Subscription Plan Poll Results

Two-thirds of those who participated think that the preferable means of purchasing a WordPress theme or plugin is to simply effect a one time payment. Five others opined that yearly subscription plans are the way to go while only one individual felt that monthly recurring memberships are best.

Why Single Payment Plans?

It’s no secret that the most expansive public marketplace for those seeking out individual items is ThemeForest.net. The Envato-led website has literally thousands of premium themes and plugins on sale, with commission fees charged directly to developers. Basically speaking, those who create products can market them on ThemeForest (which has a humongous following) and reap the rewards while also supporting a thriving community.

Take the King Size WordPress Theme as a glowing example of what a quality product can achieve in today’s environment. At a current price of $50 (one time payment) and over 10,300 lifetime purchases, the template has already generated approximately $500,000 in total sales.

King Size By ThemeForest

But why is this preferable to other services that offer monthly or yearly recurring memberships? The answer often comes from the increased amount of flexibility and independence attached to gaining full rights immediately. The full ownership of virtual property (at least in the case of WordPress) often comes with future updates and can even include a limited amount of support in special instances. While the price may exceed an all-access scheme, it’s hard to argue with the value obtained from a quality download that requires no further monetary expenses on the customer’s behalf. One WPHub.com reader left a comment related to our poll; expressing interest in its final results.

Wordpress User Corrinda

“It was interesting to see that so far the majority of people have voted for a one-time fee. While those results are what I would expect, I think an important element – sustainability – needs to be a part of the cost consideration,” Corrinda (pictured) wrote. I would rather pay an annual fee and know that the product is going to around for awhile because it is supported financially with regard to customer support and updates as the environment of the internet is constantly changing.”

Yearly Membership Packages

The place to go for yearly membership packages is undoubtedly Elegant Themes. The website has already attracted over 160,000 customers and at only $39 per year (regular license), members gain full access to all 80 templates along with support future update rights. The deal has put the company on the map worldwide due to its low cost and easy-to-maneuver Control Panel. The downloads come ready to install and require zero code manipulation; making them ideal for beginning webmasters.

In fact, Elegant Themes founder Nick Roach (who is still in his twenties) was the first major premium theme firm owner to devise a yearly plan. The concept quickly caught on and has been responsible for introducing countless others to the WordPress open source platform.

Monthly Subscriptions

Monthly subscription services attracted only one vote in last week’s poll, but there are many companies that incorporate a one-time sign-up payment along with a low 30-day recurring cost to subsidize their commercial downloads. WooThemes is at the forefront in this market, and has used its WooCommerce management system to gain a strong grip on e-Commerce themes and plugins.

For this week, we have devised a poll that aims to discover which online retail niche is the most effective for our readers. If you would like to participate, you can click on the following link to submit your vote for this week’ poll.