One-on-One with WPZoom Founder Pavel Ciorici: Part 4

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In the fourth and final installment of our sit-down interview with WPZoom founder Pavel Ciorici, we thought it would be appropriate to talk about the future of the WordPress industry in general. Can we rely on WordPress for years to come or will its popularity wane? Will we see the rise of another CMS solution or will WordPress remain supreme? Ciorici is entrenched in the industry and, perhaps more than most, can speak to the answers to these questions… and more.

We also talked about WPZoom’s pricing strategy, which consists of both one-off and monthly membership options. Which option has been more popular and why? Finally, we’ll let Ciorici pitch WPZoom.

WPHub: What do you think the future of WordPress is? Where do you see WordPress going both short-term and long-term?

pavel cioriciPavel Ciorici: WordPress is evolving in the right direction and we are very thankful to the Automattic team for such a great product. Even though I can’t predict the future, I can say, looking at the upcoming WordPress 3.5 features, that there are many other things planned for the future from which every one of us making a living on WordPress will benefit.

WPHub: What about WordPress 3.5 has you most excited and why?

Pavel Ciorici: Most of all, I like the new media uploader. It’s much faster and much easier to browse through the media library.

WPHub: Do you ever see the use of WordPress waning? Why do you think WordPress has become so popular to begin with?

Pavel Ciorici: I don’t currently see a good alternative to WordPress, so I think it will continue to grow for many years to come. It will be hard for other CMS to gain such a big popularity and community as WordPress has.

WPHub: Why can’t the other CMS solutions compete with WordPress? What does WordPress have that they don’t?

Pavel Ciorici: WordPress is so popular because it is very simple to use and it’s so intuitive that everyone can use it. There are also dozens of plugins and themes that allow you to create almost anything using it as CMS. With other solutions, you’re limited to a just a few plugins and themes and you also have limited documentation.

WPHub: We want to talk about the pricing in use on WPZoom. Talk about the decision to offer a Club Membership as an alternative to one-off purchases. Are there any stats you can share as to how the Club Membership option has gone over?

Pavel Ciorici: The idea to introduce a membership plan wasn’t a new idea, as many sites were doing it. We noticed some of our customers buying more than four or five themes, so we felt the need to make it easier on them. Many of these customers have happily upgraded to a membership plan and are now getting at least one new theme each month. Everybody wins.

WPHub: Do you see the WordPress theme industry trending more toward recurring club-type payments or one-time fees?

Pavel Ciorici: Club-type plans are interesting only to developers who are doing a lot of custom work. The average user doesn’t need 50 themes for five or six niches. Since the number of average users grows faster than the number of developers using WordPress, I believe that single-item sales will grow faster than subscriptions.

WPHub: Why should WordPress users make sure they check out WPZoom? We definitely want to give you a chance to promote your own site as a thank you for your time and insight.

Pavel Ciorici: We have top premium themes that are nicely designed and professionally coded. Our themes are easy to use and users can easily modify their layouts as they want thanks to the numerous custom widgets that we create for each theme individually.

WPHub: As a reminder, you can check out WPZoom themes on WPHub. We offer comprehensive reviews and screenshots to help you select the perfer theme for you.

We would like to once again give a very special ‘thanks’ to Pavel Ciorici for taking the time to meet with us. Be sure to read each of our four part interview series with the WPZoom founder.

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