Create Your Own Job Board With The NJobsboard WordPress Theme

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Njobsboard is a free WordPress theme that lets you use WordPress to power a functional job board.

You can add new jobs directly yourself or allow visitors to post jobs directly. YJobs to be posted directly or enter a pending state until you have reviewed them. The default fields are position, email, company name, location, description and how to reply.

You can delete, add and modify fields to suit your needs. You can also set whether fields are required and what order they should be placed in.

Njobsboard WordPress Theme

The default layout is quite basic. It displays job listing on the home page though the sidebar can be customised the way you want it.

NJobsboard WordPress Theme

The reply to this job button is set up as an email contact link. This isn’t ideal, particularly if job posters don’t want their email address published online. A contact form with custom fields and an attachment option would be much better.

Njobsboard WordPress Theme

Basic options can be adjusted through the themes configuration page. You can integrate Google Analytics here and highlight job offers.

Njobsboard WordPress Theme

NJobsboard comes with several custom widgets such as recent jobs, banners and adsense.

Njobsboard WordPress Theme

NJobsboard is ideal for a simple job website but if you are looking for something professional you should look elsewhere. Options are fairly limited though the biggest drawback is the board design. It’s not of a high standard and looks very outdated.

If you can improve the design yourself it could be worth trying out however I think you’d be better integrating a free job plugin such as Job Manager into an existing website design or use a premium job board theme such as Nine to Five or Job Board.


Link: Njobsboard WordPress Theme

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  • Comment by Adnan

    Hey Kevin,

    Great post, I’m just having some trouble. I have njobsboard installed on my website, its just I want to remove it and don’t know how to. How do I remove the theme and go back to my previous theme?


  • Comment by Jessi Linh
    Jessi Linh

    Hi Kevin,
    thank for your post.