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Two new themes have been added to the service as of late last week: Newsworthy and Visual. Both can be accessed by subscribers by simply going to the Appearance > Themes tab within the WordPress Dashboard and activating them. The service gives members the ability to make use of all the products marketed by the website (a subsidiary of Automattic – founded by Matt Mullenweg).

The first of the two themes was created by WPThemes, which currently has a catalog comprising of 18 downloads that range from blogging platforms to restaurant templates. Newsworthy, as one might expect, focuses on WordPress websites that publish an online magazine or newspaper and has all the tools one needs to turn his/her site into a full fledged categorized news content destination for practically any topic or industry.

Newsworthy WordPress Theme

Newsworthy Theme

A quick look at the Newsworthy WordPress theme shows a traditional logo and top navigation bar layout that provides a search function for front-end users who would like to spot a specific news story or category from the homepage. After that, there is a news blog format that is prominently features that includes the main entry; complete with publication date, author name, title, screenshot, category, number of comments, excerpt text, and post format – something that will be featured in the upcoming release of WordPress 3.6.

Newsworthy by WPThemes boasts a number of custom page templates to ensure the webmaster is able to post several layouts within one news site along with a fully widgetized sidebar for inserting advertisement banners, recent comments, social media links, meta info and more. The beginning webmaster will be able to perform major changes to this theme without having to manually go into the Editor and do code work, which is a huge benefit for those who are getting accustomed to running a website.

Visual WordPress Theme

The next theme that has recently become available for members is called Visual. It focuses on art and photography by displaying a subdued default background color that gives your screenshot entries a chance to shine.

Visual Theme

The homepage will feature your main entries and comes in a three column layout with a large thumbnail image on top followed by a title, publication date, author name, and text excerpt. If front-end users would like to see a larger version of the photo as well as the post’s complete information, all they have to do is click through.

What’s more, Visual (which was created by Devin Price of has a 100% responsive design that is ideal for small screen devices such as the iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Samsung Galaxy, iPod Touch and iPad. If your website receives a lot of traffic from smart phones and tablet computers, you’ll be glad you have a customized view option for them; as most visitors who use “tapping” devices nowadays will quickly leave a website that forces them to horizontally thumb-scroll and pinch their way through a page. With Visual, you won’t have to worry about this factor, as all the content adjustment is taken care of for you without any effort on the website owner’s behalf.

Both themes can be accessed by members by simply visiting the Dashboard area and clicking on the Appearance > Themes tab and activating one or the other. Once you are working with the new theme, you can upload content as usual and configure your website setup from the back-end using the Control Panel options.

To find out more about how you can gain access to the two WordPress themes outlined in this article, click on the following link to visit the homepage of