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If you’re running a magazine blog or something similar, you probably already have a newsletter mechanism in place. In such a case, the plugin that we’re going to talk about might just be for you!


The Newsletter Signup plugin created by Danny van Kooten contains a check box that can be added to comments and registration or contact forms, a newsletter signup widget for your blog’s sidebar and a short code that lets you embed the signup option to your website’s posts and pages. Seems like a mouthful, doesn’t it?

Major Features

Coming to the detailed features offered by the plugin. As said above, the first addition is the newsletter signup check box in the comments and other forms of your website, including BuddyPress and Multisite forms. The plugin also adds a custom widget to your sidebar which, if activated, lets the users sign up for your newsletter. Further more, you can also use a short code in your website’s posts and pages that will embed the sign up form mechanism. The short code is: [newsletter-signup-form]

What’s more! If you are using custom templates, you can also embed the form in your templates by calling the method nsu_signup_form();

As of now, the plugin natively supports MailChimp, YMLP, iContact, Aweber and PHPList mailing list providers and offers pre-defined settings for each. Just in case you are using a different provider, you can use the custom mode and specify the settings yourself. And if you so desire, the plugin can also mimic a normal form request.

The plugin comes with a custom Settings Page (listed under Settings –> Newsletter Signup) that lets you modify certain aspects of the signup form. First up, you can specify the general settings about the newsletter mechanism. Next, you can also tweak the Signup Check box settings, such as where to show the check box, the text to show after it, hide/show it to subscribers, etc. Apart from that, you can also tweak the signup form settings, such as email labels, etc.

Newsletter Signup Settings Page
Newsletter Signup Settings Page

If you wish to edit or modify the signup form widget for the sidebar, go to Widgets under Appearance menu and drag the Newsletter Signup widget to your desired sidebar(s) and/or footer(s). You will need to provide basic details such as text to display before or after sign up, and you’re good to go!

The plugin also adds a sidebar widget
The plugin also adds a sidebar widget


The Newsletter Signup plugin makes promoting your newsletter and getting new subscribers a breeze. By placing the checkboxes and embedding the newsletter signup form at desired location, as well as offering a sidebar widget, the plugin surely makes life easy and helps you promote your newsletter well.

To know more about the plugin or to download it, use the following links:

Plugin Home Page

Plugin Page at Repository

Download (

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    Sardar Younus

    Hello There!

    How can I change the alert text when a user click on the “Sign up” button putting ivalid email address ?? Is it possible ??

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