Our Readers Vote On New Year’s WordPress Resolution

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Last week, we published a poll-style article in our WordPress Views category asking readers to chime in on what their WordPress resolution is for the 2013 calendar year. Now that we have officially turned the page on 2012, it’s time to take a look at how voters responded.

With a total of 25 votes cast, there were three options that garnered a combined 76% of the overall tally. Increasing site traffic, adding content and improving design were among the most important goals among our readers when it comes to their WordPress websites this year.

WordPress Resolution Poll Results

Increasing Website Traffic

There are many ways to go about increasing website traffic, with much of the process depending on your core audience and how wide you can branch out from that base while still keeping your hits on topic. I remember back to the first time when I became aware of tools that are capable of tracking not only page views, but also detailed data on how visitors arrived at your site; complete with the search terms that were used to get there. This moment was truly a revelation and seldom have I had a quicker educational leap than the time that was spent on SEO and Analytics.

The playing field has become more competitive, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a particular niche for your site to fill that will ultimately result in a larger traffic base. The way to go about making more targeted attempts to get more readers/visitors is highly dependent upon whether you’re running a traditional personal blog site, news related business platform, e-Commerce site, or some form of real estate, music, or other type of specialty themed company.

Adding More Content

I won’t bother with the old cliche about content (mainly because we already used it in last week’s poll article), but you can use your own browsing history as a guide as to which websites are most likely to receive personal visits from you this year… and chances are the vast majority of them boasts some form of content that interests you. The importance of keeping the right balance of content on your site can’t be overstated. Through reverse engineering the methods you chose when it comes to your Top 10 websites of last year, it’s useful to maintain that same perspective when thinking through how you’re going to showcase your articles, videos, posts, etc.

How often you update your website’s main page with new information can be the difference between being successful and becoming one of many recycled domain names hitting the virtual auction ring. It’s no surprise that our readers would place content generation among their highest priorities for 2013.

Improving Your Site’s Design And Layout

To begin with, if you’re looking for a way to modify your website’s design and haven’t looked into premium WordPress themes yet, then you should probably do that before anything else. The amount of value provided by fee-based templates is astonishing; not to mention the fact that many developing firms are trending even closer to the concept of zero-effort website administration. Many theme companies take it as an affront if users have basic questions related to the functionality of their products… not because they are disgruntled with the customer – but rather because they take pride in making template and extensions as simple to download and use as possible.

If you want to truly make significant modifications to the design and layout of your WordPress site (without having to do any coding), then the open theme marketplace has more than enough downloadable content to satisfy even the most demanding designer. From content sliders to responsive design, the flexibility of premium themes is at an all-time high and expected by many to increase this year.

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