New Seed Framework From Organic Themes

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Having a solid framework is the backbone of any successful WordPress theme, as it is the actual framework that serves as the basis for content insertion and the creation of future products that can serve niche markets ranging from online retail to education. On Friday afternoon, premium theme company Organic Themes revealed the Seed Theme & Framework.

David Morgan of Organic Themes posted in his blog entry earlier today, “What makes the Seed Theme special? It’s our new foundation theme — a framework for all future theme releases and updates from Organic Themes. Extra care has been taken to make sure Seed is a solid foundation for any WordPress theme project. The theme features all the goodies of our previous themes — a responsive framework, retina optimized design, font icons, shortcodes, WooCommerce and Gravity Forms compatibility and much more. It boasts a simple layout that was designed to feel familiar, functional and easily customizable. In addition, the Seed Theme is well documented and coded with an easily understood file structure. Seed has everything you need in a great WordPress theme and nothing you don’t.”

Seed Theme Appearance

Seed Homepage

A quick look at the Seed Live Demo page shows a clean layout with a minimalistic touch by placing the logo section within a row of its own at the top-left of the homepage. Next, there is a top navigation bar with drop down menus for categorized content, followed by the featured content slider which can be configured from the back end to rotate your most important entries automatically. Front end users can also manually manipulate the slides via the arrow icons on either side of the module, plus there is a separate section on the right-hand side that displays each post’s title, text excerpt, and Read More link.

Below that, you will find a three column blurbs section complete with thumbnail slots, titles, descriptions and Learn More buttons; ideal for giving readers or clients a general handle of what your site or business does. You can also use Custom Page Templates to display an independent blog feed on the homepage and/or use this function to create a single column layout for your news stories, in-house articles, etc. Seed is fully widgetized with both sidebar and footer regions that are capable of showcasing social media feeds, advertisement banners for sponsors, recent comments, and much more.

No Code Work Required

David Morgan added in his Friday blog post that “Seed makes for an excellent website solution out-of-the-box, but it was designed and developed with customization in mind. It’s built to be torn apart — for looking under the hood and learning what makes a WordPress theme tick. Seed is a perfect addition to any web developers arsenal of tools.”

Seed Responsive Layout

Perhaps best of all, Seed includes a fully responsive layout that will automatically adjust the format of your content to fit each and every screen size – everything from a small mobile phone to a large desktop monitor. The ability to seamlessly navigate a site from a device such as an iPhone, iPad, Samasung Galaxy, Android, iPod Touch or similar mobile hardware is a big plus for any theme released in today’s environment due to the expectations of on-the-go customers. Needlessly thumb scrolling and pinching are turn-offs to many, so having a responsive design will take care of that for you without having to go into the Editor and work with code.

Seed comes with a price tag of $69 and can be purchased directly from Organic Themes. To find out more about this new product, click on the following link to visit the Seed Theme Demo. There, you will be able to get a good idea of how this download will appear on your WordPress website.