New Jetpack Update Includes “Like” Option

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On Tuesday, Automattic subsidiary Jetpack announced the release of Version 2.2, which includes a “Like” button for readers to show their appreciation for your website’s content. In the company’s official news post, Justin Shreve stated that “if there’s one thing we’ve learned about the web, it’s that people really like to like things. That’s why the latest version of Jetpack introduces a Like feature. The new feature enables a Like area at the bottom of your posts and pages. A button allows your readers to show appreciation for your posts as well as save your posts for later viewing on using the Reader.”

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Shreve went on to say, “Once a user likes your post, their Gravatar will be displayed below your content, allowing you to engage with them further. You’ll also receive a notification in your toolbar if you have the notifications module enabled, and an email notifying you of the action.” The new release represents the third Jetpack software update since the beginning of 2013 (Version 2.1.2 focused on bug fixes while 2.1 added Tiled Galleries).

The February 26th update includes a Readmill widget along with a bulk spam feature to the contact form, enhanced Pinterest share button integration and other bug fixes.

About Jetpack

The Jetpack is a cloud infrastructure powered extension designed for self-hosted WordPress website owners who would like to connect to in order to enjoy the features available to that company’s customers by default. Those who are already using do not need Jetpack, as all the features are already included in the service. For others, the Jetpack extension can be installed on any website using WordPress 3.3 or later (including WordPress Version 3.5 “Elvin”).

One of the most attractive reasons for installing Jetpack is access to the Stats tool, which gives website owners the ability to track traffic by region and view detailed information such as page views, referrals, search engine terms and social media followers. Stats

Shortcode embeds, Spelling and Grammar, Subscriptions, Contact Form, Comments, Beautiful Math, and Extra Sidebar Widgets are just some of the other options that will immediately be at the disposal of self-hosted sites that install Jetpack.

As of now, the Jetpack plugin is a free download that can be utilized by any WordPress website globally. In fact the official website promises that Jetpack will never be a purchasable product. However, some of the plugin’s features may eventually go to a “premium” status and require a self-hosted customer to buy its functionality… but for now all the features are free.

It is worth noting that the Jetpack plugin is 100% unrelated to the Mozilla Jetpack project.

Where To Download


The Jetpack Plugin Page includes additional information on how many users have downloaded the extension so far, and what they think of it (the download currently has a rating of 3.7 Out Of 5 Stars). The installation process is extremely simple and can be executed via an ftp site or from the WordPress Dashboard.

Jetpack is maintained and marketed by parent company Automattic, which is responsible for VaultPress, Akismet, Polldaddy, VideoPress, Gravatar, Plinky, Code Poet and several other related websites.

The Jetpack plugin can be downloaded directly from by clicking on the following link. Download Jetpack Version 2.2

Technical queries should be posted in the Jetpack Support Forum. If you would like to see all the updates that have been made to Jetpack since its creation, view the official changelog.