The New Facebook for WordPress Plugin

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Facebook engineer Matt Kelly announced June 12th on the site’s Developer Blog that Facebook has created a new Facebook for WordPress Plugin.

Hyping the concept of “social publishing” Kelly explains, “The plugin was built by Facebook engineers in collaboration with open source partners, and makes it simple for anyone to make their WordPress site more social – no coding required.”

Therein lies its genius: no coding! And- it will work for mobile and support internationalization. How’s that for innovation?

Social publishing means you can choose to mention Facebook friends or pages as you create your post. You can also specify a message that will be posted with the content. Once published, the content of the post of page will show up on all of the friends and pages’ Facebook Timelines, resulting in more distribution for your site, and the Facebook mentions will show up in the post itself. Depending on your settings, it will also appear on Facebook Timelines including:

  • Your Facebook Timeline as an Open Graph action.
  • Any Facebook friends or pages’ Timeline that was mentioned as part of the post.
  • A Facebook Page of your choosing, where all of your site’s content is published once it’s live.


Additionally, once the plugin is installed you can:

  • Cross-post content published to WordPress to your Facebook Timeline and the Facebook Pages you manage.
  • Mention the names of Pages and friends as you post to further distribute your content.
  • Use the Activity Feed widget to hows readers their friends’ activity on the site, such as likes and comments.
  • Display personalized suggestions for pages on your site readers might like, as well as a Recommendations Bar option to give users the option to add content to their Timeline as they read.
  • Customize your LIke, Subscribe and Send buttons
  • Allow readers to comment on your site and post back to Facebook. The Comment Box includes moderation tools and features automatic SEO support so search engines can index them to improve your site’s visibility.

Is it buggy? Are there glitches? A quick scan of comments about the plugin on only indicates one or two difficulties using the plugin. If that doesn’t reassure you, big name sites such as TechCrunch, Buzz Media and The Next Web are already using it.

Kelly is confident in the plugin’s usefulness, noting, “WordPress powers 16.6 percent of the web, from The New York Times to People Magazine, and attracts more than 600 million unique visitors each month. We hope the plugin makes it possible for WordPress content to be shared even more widely among people.”

The plugin is available for all sites on and VIP as well.

What’s your take? Genius or madness? Easy distribution of your content or overkill? Give us your take in the comments.