Nacin Focuses On Innovation And Editing In Tech Cocktail Interview

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During DCWEEK 2012 in the nation’s capitol, leading technology news website Tech Cocktail secured an interview with WordPress Lead Developer Andrew Nacin, who is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the open source WordPress platform. Tech Cocktail posted the video interview in its entirety along with a written article on January 1st that shed quite a bit of insight into where WordPress is headed this year.

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One of the most revealing tidbits from the 1-on-1 talk that lasted approximately 3 minutes was that the age group for top WordPress developers is currently between 21 to 25, with some elite authors in their teens. The youth presence in template and plugin creation has always been prevalent, but hearing the fact uttered by a leading individual within the community brings home a reality that there are a multitude of motivated minds behind the everyday development of products that are currently being used around the world in more than 100 countries to improve the functionality and front-end attractiveness of websites.

Remote Talent Pool

If your daily routine involves a heavy dose of WordPress programming and website administration then you are likely aware that a significant percentage of WordPress developers work remotely from locations not only in North America and Europe, but also from every region of the globe. The real time equation has added unprecedented speed to project cooperation through Cloud computing sharing services while providing companies with a method for hiring the most qualified individuals without having to worry about location.

The brick & mortar business structure has evolved into a completely different “animal” over the last ten years thanks to easy to use applications that can save progress frequently without ever missing a step. Team project coordination means that a task can be picked up from the exact point at which it was previously modified; rivaling even the most amateur-friendly video games when it comes to restarting progress from a previous checkpoint.

Innovation And Editing

Nacin spends his time working on both the back-end and front-end of the WordPress project as he works on maintaining and cultivating the WordPress community. With nearly 20% of all websites currently being powered by WordPress, Nacin sees editing being a major focus going forward in 2013 as the firm seeks out a “back to blogging” methodology that could see website administration become even more simplified and accessible to beginners.

Referring to “HTML5 and the future of the Web,” the WordPress Lead Developer hinted that there could be an extended effort to innovate functionality by speeding up the WordPress dashboard and ensuring a post is “never lost” through new tools and code that can be hard wired into the platform.

Responsive Focus

There appears to be no lack of momentum for placing emphasis on responsive design and catering to the mobile device and tablet computer market. Android, Blackberry, iPhone and iPad devices have become an entire ecosystem on their own when it comes to wireless communications and Internet browsing; which has made giving small screen users a comfortable viewing experience a high priority.

In 2013, we can expect back-end programmers who use smaller screens to enjoy added features that will allow them to more easily run the websites they’re responsible for and monitor progress such as traffic generation and project status. Premium themes and plugins are still geared mostly toward end consumers who are intimidated at delving into actual code, but there is a lot to be said about the benefits of being able to freely program and insert features into a working, breathing template to make it perform at its peak.

The WordPress community is expected to be back in full swing my Monday January 7th, and it will be interesting to see how quickly we are able to see new ideas come to life through the hundreds of quality developers who are looking for just the right niche product to catapult them to success.

Image Source: Tech Cocktail