Move or Delete Your Posts In Bulk

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If you are looking to move or delete a large number of posts at the one time then you may want to consider Bulk Move and Bulk Delete. Both plugins were developed by web developer Sudar Muthu.

Bulk Move is a fairly straight forward plugin which allows you to move all posts from one category to another. This should prove very useful if you are reorganising your categories.

Bulk Move WordPress Plugin

Bulk Delete allows you to delete posts by type and by category. Post types include drafts, revisions, pending posts, scheduled posts and private posts.

Bulk Delete WordPress Plugin

The deletion of posts can be restricted to posts older than a set number of days and a first ‘x’ number of posts can be deleted too.

I recommend trying out both plugins if you plan on moving or deleting a large number of posts.

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Links: Bulk Move | Bulk Delete