Our Readers: Motivated Team Is Most Important Customer Support Concept

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In last week’s WPHub.com poll, we asked our readers to chime in on what the most important concept of customer support is in their opinion. The options included having a qualified/motivated team, giving timely and transparent responses, using the proper software and involving the WordPress community. Among those choices, there were two that garnered the most votes from those who read the article: motivated support and timely responses.

Having the right personnel in place to satisfy the ever-growing demands of WordPress website visitors and customers has become a top priority; especially in an environment that tends to adapt quickly while continuously seeking out the latest updates and innovations. Those who are chosen to lead a qualified support team should have adequate written and voice language skills along with a desire to provide assistance, learn from experience, and go the extra mile to encounter solutions that may not always be immediately available.

Motivated Customer Support Team

It isn’t difficult to sift through potential applicants within the WordPress community currently since the industry has plenty of room for growth. The complicated part comes in making a decision on which individuals will best fit your long term goals. There are many cases in which someone will need to have prior experience with a certain customer service software platform such as Zendesk, but there are also instances in which someone with little or no formal experience can step in and do an outstanding job – such as an active forum poster who has been helpful to others in community threads.

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When dealing with a large amount of clients (companies that design premium WordPress themes for example), the correct software can help your team decipher queries and break them down analytically in order to identify areas that need to be improved along with the most popular requests made by clients. Being able to quickly enter data into a form that can be mutually shared internally is a game changer that can enhance the validity of a support forum that goes along with it.

Support tickets can be accepted in a variety of ways, but it will almost always depend on an individual or group to take that extra step in an effort to give the customer a solution, or at least a reference point for addressing an issue.

Providing Honest, Timely Support Replies

So what happens when an issue arises that can’t immediately be fixed? Or how about a case in which a mistake was made and overall quality was affected? This comes up more often that many would tend to believe within our community; not due to lack of motivation but often because of the way needs evolve so quickly. Three years ago there weren’t a lot of developers who made responsive designs a priority, but there have been a number of firms since the turn of the decade that have admitted their oversight, recognized the growing mobile device and tablet computer market, and subsequently capitalized on their knowledge by acknowledging a need and diving-in head first to meet it once it was spotted.

Making customers a top priority means putting yourself in their shoes and attempting to reverse engineer a complication that has arisen; viewing it from the perspective of the person or firm that has encountered a difficulty. When a problem cannot be solved immediately, it can be extremely prudent to simply state this directly while making proper attempts at research and development to tweak programming errors, unforeseen demands, etc.

This Week’s Poll

All of our readers who voted last week chose the two options outlined above over software/product analytics and community involvement. In this week’s WPHub poll, we’re asking the community to let us know how they would approach a potential Bounty Rewards Program. In a hypothetical situation, how would you divvy out payments to visitors in a way that best suits the goals of your WordPress site?