What Is The Most Important Concept Of Customer Support? (Poll)

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Having a WordPress site traditionally entails some form of personal or professional blogging that coincides with the owner’s view points or interests. This format has long been useful for expressing ideas and circulating information among readers worldwide. However, with the constant evolution of premium WordPress themes; complete with the ability to transform websites into online retail destinations instantly, customer support has become an integral part of managing WordPress sites that rely on product sales, community involvement, affiliate marketing and e-Commerce.

In this week’s poll, we aim to take a look at the most important concepts of customer support, and how they are useful for not only gaining traffic and loyalty, but also for increasing brand awareness within the ever-demanding consumer.

Community Creation And Maintenance

Once your WordPress website is up and running, you will immediately begin to form a community regardless of whether you’re administering an old-school blog or running a mass-sales platform. Once readers begin to visit, the amount of loyalty retained can depend directly upon how much importance is placed on creating and maintaining community involvement.

Granted, if you’re only catering to readers and not relying on ad revenue, this customer support process may depend solely upon quality content generation – although website design can also figure in heavily.

If you’ve got a dedicated audience that is receptive to contributing to the improvement of your product, then a community forum can represent an outlet for your customers to communicate everything from support issues to novel ideas. Take the recent WooThemes move to Zendesk as a prime example of how important it can be to get out in front of customer support issues and tackle them head-on in order to make the most out of the products you’re currently marketing.

Timely Responses And Transparency

In an Internet age where response times are often measured in hours rather than days, providing timely replies to customers in need can be the difference between cultivating new business and suffering from waning presence. Virtually gone are the days when a high-traffic website could send out an automated email reply promising “we’ll get back to you in 24 hours” accompanied by some sort of polite yet canned thank you message.

Clients in the know who are in need of assistance are likely to do their own research beforehand and exhaust at least a minimal amount of resources via knowledge base searches before submitting a detailed support ticket, which makes the need for individual replies and reasonable fixes imperative.

Many WordPress site users are aware that support is a never-ending process that doesn’t always entail quick fixes or exact, one-step solutions. For this reason, companies can sometimes gain respect from a doubtful customer base by simply being honest and communicating time constraints/obstacles directly instead of giving a quick fix that may result in security-related issues down the road.


WooThemes ZenDesk Support

Referring back to the WooThemes customer service overhaul, we see how vital software became in the eventual “bogging down” of support. In an October 30th blog post entitled Making Support Suck Less, the co-founder of the company responsible for the WooCommerce management system explained, “UserVoice hasn’t been working. It’s given us a better dashboard to respond to your queries, but the compromises we & the WooCommunity have made to get that, has been too great.”

Having the right tools to run a full-time operation is paramount; especially with several thousand queries that cover a broad spectrum of WordPress theme and plugin topics.

This Week’s Poll

Of course, either of these concepts could be considered as among the most important when it comes to providing customer support. But this week we are asking our readers to choose just one from the options below. You are welcome to write-in an answer if you feel it is not covered.

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