One-on-One with Mojo Marketplace Co-Founder J.R. Farr: Part 3

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Welcome to Part 3 of our four-part interview with Mojo Marketplace Co-Founder J.R. Farr. When we left off last week, we were talking about the one-click install technology that Mojo utilizes. Through a working relationship with a company called SimpleScripts, Mojo has mastered the art of simplicity, but is it working? Can customers figure out how to purchase and install themes without a major hassle? This week, we’ll talk about the site’s customer base and discuss the integration with its new parent company, EIG.

WPHub: What percentage of your customers are WordPress novices versus WordPress experts?

jr farr mojo themesJ.R.: Typically, 80% to 90% of our customers are just trying to get online. A lot of people who buy typically have some sort of issue. For example, they have no idea what hosting is. They don’t know what their FTP information is. It’s people saying they need to sell their dog treats online and wanting to find a theme for that.

Luckily, we grew with our support guys. Our head support guy will sit on the phone with people and walk them through everything they need. A lot of our sellers don’t realize the amount of support we do for our customers. One of the things we need to do with Mojo Marketplace is educate people more about what’s going on with their products and potential choices.

WPHub: What theme is your best-selling and why?

J.R.: On Mojo Themes, we have a theme called Aegaeus that’s really popular. HB-Themes, which is seller of that theme, takes a lot of time with the live demo. He uses real content. He takes time to build out all of the pages. On top of that, his screen shots all look nice and professional. He talks about where you get support on his review. He talks about a change log. He nails down the features really well. That’s why it’s so popular.

WPHub: Talk about the size of your customer base overall. We’d imagine that with the EIG integration, your user base is about to get considerably larger.

J.R.: We work 24/7, yes. On Mojo Themes, we have 60,000 or 70,000 users, which is decent. On Marketplace, teaming up our users and EIG’s user base means we’ll have a couple million users when we launch, which is more in line with a company like Theme Forest. We’ll have some good competition once we get going. We’re very excited.

WPHub: What’s an average workweek like for you? What kinds of tasks do you work on? How hard is it juggling the various demands of Mojo?

J.R.: It is sporadic. Especially just being bought, the parent company is in Boston and they have offices in Tempe, California, and Texas. There is a lot more traveling I’ll be doing going forward. I’ll go out and start to educate the different brands.

When it comes to the actual product and community, I try to do a lot of that at night. I try to sit on my laptop and talk to customers on my support channels or Twitter and Skype. It’s an all-day thing and never really ends. That culture is spread where a lot of our team will work on the weekends. For example, yesterday, a guy on Twitter ran into some personal issues and said he couldn’t get his withdrawal. In response, we hopped on Twitter and paid him out. If someone hits us up on Twitter, we’ll drop what we’re doing to make sure they’re taken care of. That kind of support will help us as we grow.

WPHub: In the final installment of our interview with Mojo Marketplace, we’ll dive into the future of WordPress and talk about the relationship the company has with its all-important sellers. Visit for more details.

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  • Comment by Alex Nuta
    Alex Nuta

    I had a chance to speak to J.R. not too long ago. He comes across as a hard-working, straight-forward kind of guy.

    Mojo does need to work on their integration with Bluehost. Currently the replacement of the Simple Scripts system with the Mojo One-Click Installs simply isn’t working.

    I should say, however, that I’ve been a satisfied customer of the “Marketplace” part for some time now. They do a good job in that arena.