Metropolis Becomes Hermes’ Fifth Premium Theme

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Yesterday afternoon, premium theme company Hermes Themes introduced its fifth premium WordPress theme for hotel websites: Metropolis. The firm’s founder and lead developer Dumitru Brinzan has dedicated his business to serving the hotel industry in a unique way by providing pre-designed and fully responsive downloads for its customers, who are able to manage their online booking platforms via custom page templates and post types.

A quick look at the new theme reveals an all new design for the company while staying true to its roots. Brinzan posted a blog entry Wednesday stating, “Just as in the announced update for Ambassador Theme, we are using WordPress custom post types to create Event posts, which are just like regular posts, but with additional options. This is similar to the Testimonials integration in all of our themes, which is also achieved thanks to custom post types.”

Metropolis Homepage

Side navigation is a key design layout of the new Metropolis theme. By placing page titles along the left hand side of the margin instead of the traditional top navigation method, guests are able to easily access the important regions of a hotel website such as gallery images, rates and testimonials – which are included in all of the company’s theme downloads.

Metropolis Homepage

The Featured Content Slider is displayed prominently on the homepage and can be configured via the back-end Options Panel to rotate slides automatically so potential and returning guests can get a good look at what your hotel has to offer in the form of rooms, dining options, family fun, etc.

Best of all, full webmastering of your hotel site can be achieved without ever having to touch a single line of code. This is made possible through the secure, standardized code work done by the Hermes development team which puts complete management power into the hands of those who are designated as administrators by upper management. Photos, price changes, precise maps, blog entries and much more can be controlled by simply going to the corresponding tab and uploading them.

Metropolis Is Responsive

If you’ve spent any amount of time browsing online via an iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Android or similar small screen device, then you are aware that some websites make “tapping” a painless experience. That is because those websites boast a responsive layout that rearranges content in accordance to each visitor’s screen size.

Metropolis Responsive Layout

The screenshot I’ve pasted above is an actual capture of the Metropolis homepage. Notice that the layout is different, yet easy to maneuver from a mobile phone or tablet computer. Regardless of the screen size of your website’s “guests,” Metropolis is capable of adjusting every single page without the front-end reader ever having to unnecessarily thumb scroll and pinch in order to horizontally navigate.

Custom Post Types

Metropolis uses custom post types to enable the webmaster to specify which type of publication is being made so the post can be formatted properly. This is done for testimonials (a good way to use customer satisfaction to a a hotel’s advantage) and other content that can be placed within pages to leave a great impression.

Metropolis Rooms And Rates

Hermes Themes sells its products separately; meaning a hotel will need to decide on a particular design (between the five themes currently offered) and use the customization controls to give it the color scheme and layout that most appropriately fits the company’s visual and content goals.

To find out more about Hermes Themes or to see more details about Metropolis, you can click on the following links to go directly to the site. There is also a Blog Feed if you are interested in reading up on industry news and tips for how to manage WordPress websites.

Metropolis Info
Metropolis Live Demo

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  • Comment by Dumitru Brinzan
    Dumitru Brinzan

    Hi Andreas,

    Can you please explain what “1px slider offset error” you are referring to?

  • Comment by Andreas

    Good framework but it needs to be refined both graphically and feature wise to be used right away. E.g: address data is missing in the header, fix the 1px slider offset error, add photo background, have booking form above the fold,…