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Media File Manager is a useful free media manager for WordPress that lets you create sub directories in your uploads folder via your admin area.

Once the plugin has been installed, you will see the media file manager page listed in your media section. The page shows two directory trees, both of which default to the top level of your uploads folder. Two directory trees are listed so that you can move files from one folder to another easily. To do this, all you have to do is click on the file you want to move and click on the left or right arrow.

Media File Manager WordPress Plugin

If you right click on a file you can rename the file or preview it. The preview option is actually a very useful feature. When you click on the preview link a pop up which will show the file in full. For example, images are shown full size and templates show the code within the template. Being able to see the code within a file is very useful though, as it’s only a preview, you cannot edit it in anyway.

Media File Manager WordPress Plugin

The plugin adds a media file manager icon link to your post editor (next to the regular WordPress media icon).

Media File Manager WordPress Plugin

You media selector allows you to insert any of your images, videos or files directly into your post (you can’t upload from here though). You can show all files or filter by images, video or audio. You can also filter by directory e.g. only show images from a certain month. Files can be shown as a list or as tiles, depending on your preference.

Media File Manager WordPress Plugin

If you upload a lot of files and find yourself moving them around a lot, I recommend giving Media File Manager a try, as it’s a lot quicker moving files around using this plugin that using FTP.

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Media File Manager: Information | Download

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