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No one likes blatant advertising models, which is why annoying pop-ups and similar ads that stalk a visitor around a site are never a good idea. In some cases such persistent advertising can scare away potential readers and visitors. Unfortunately advertising is a necessity and is essential for generating a steady revenue.

There is a new form of advertising that is small, inobtrusive and highly visible. It’s called a stripe ad and it appears at the very top of the website just above the header. It’s thin, easily accessible and doesn’t appear to stalk anyone- no matter where they navigate on a site.

Cue the MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad plugin.

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad

According to their website the plugin adds “a cool ‘stripe’ [that] appears at the very top of your blog, with a call-to-action to get your blog readers to click on it and be taken to the appropriate landing page.”

Cool stripe it is, and it can be completely customized to fit any WordPress theme or layout.

There are also additional settings to rotate through an infinite amount of advertisements, and make the ad hover as the user scrolls down the page or remain static at the very top.

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad

The stripe ad plugin also includes the option to set an advertisements “weight” (plausible when there are multiple ads) which basically decides how often the ad is featured.

The stripe ad plugin is also a great way to self promote on any blog or website. It can draw attention to a particular post, contest or sweepstakes, or even redirect users to an important poll or survey.

I personally use the stripe ad plugin on my own blog to self promote recent articles and blog posts. It’s a great way to link to your most popular and most frequented posts. I use it because it integrates well with my theme, doesn’t take up much room and is right at the top of every page so everyone can see it.

MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad

Also, I’m not going to lie; using the plugin is a lot easier than generating the code yourself.

Once installed the plugin settings can be changed (including creating a new ad) from the WordPress admin dashboard by navigating to the “Options > MBP Stripe Ad” panel.

So really if you’re looking for a great advertising plugin or some type of self promotion model you’re doing yourself a disservice by not installing this plugin!

No really, go pick it up.

Link: MaxBlogPress Stripe Ad

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