Matt Mullenweg Interview With John Batelle

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For those of you who missed Matt Mullenwegs interview last week with John Batelle, here’s the 27 minute video. Sporting a beard that Father Christmas would be proud of, Matt speaks about a number of WordPress and blogging issues such as monetizing but how they plan on doing so in the future.

He also speaks about Tumblr as a platform and about how Jetpack ties the hosted service and the self hosted WordPress script together. It’s a great interview and I recommend checking it out if you have time :)

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  • Comment by Mike

    I think it would be great if they ties and together. Sometimes I was mistaken when I typed into my browser and actually I wanted to go to I still thinks should make more effort in updating its free themes databases to other free themes and let designers sell themes inside for a fee. That would be a great way to earn revenue :)