ManageWP Now Offers Backups Via FTP, Amazon S3 and DropBox

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Last year I reviewed the service ManageWP. It’s a fantastic resource that lets you manage multiple WordPress websites from the one area. A few days ago they added a very useful feature that I believe you will all find useful.

In addition to being able to administer all of your WordPress websites from one place, you can now backup your websites automatically with external FTP, Amazon S3 or Dropbox. ‘Backup Tasks’ can be set daily, weekly or monthly at a set time. You can choose to backup files and your database or just the database. You can also have a copy of the backup emailed to you, though due to the size of the file I don’t think this is very practical.

Manage Backups with ManageWP

You can set which websites are to be backed up and choose alternative backup destinations. You should all be backing up your WordPress websites on a regular basis. Not only is this solution easy to use, it’s also currently free as the ManageWP service is still classed as a beta service (though this may change over the next few months).

If you are looking for an easy to use backup service, I recommend checking it out. Those of you with two or more WordPress websites should also give the service a try as it saves you having to login into multiple places and streamlines your online work.

More information can be found at the links below :)


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