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Manage all of your WordPress sites from one location with the aptly named ManageWP. The service features both a traditional computer version and an iPhone version and, with each, you’ll get one-click access to all of your WordPress sites. ManageWP is in the process of rolling out a brand new, intuitive dashboard, so WPHub caught up with the site’s Enterprise Sales Manager, Adam W. Warner, to get the inside dish.

WPHub: Thanks for joining us. Can you talk about rolling our your new dashboard? What can we expect?

adam warnerAdam H. Warner: It has been completely redesigned to be more streamlined and easy to navigate to get to those tasks that users use most often. One of the biggest benefits is that we have new features built in, and the best one is our stat reporting. We’ve built in reporting for the last two months of any activity through the dashboard. If you’re using your account to manage a lot of accounts and rolling those costs into a monthly maintenance plan, this provides an easy way to see what you’re doing on each site.

We’re all about saving time on WordPress management tasks, especially tasks for your own sites and your clients’ sites. Instead of logging into every website and doing WordPress and theme updates, you can do it all from one dashboard with a few clicks.

WPHub: What was the motivation to create a new look and feel?

Adam W. Warner: Feature requests from users. We have been tracking the backend and seeing how users are interacting with it. We also monitored our support tickets and one of the hurdles that people kept bringing up was that the dashboard was cluttered. We have so many features in the product that when we built it, we wanted to make sure everything was in there. Now that we know what people use most often, we can put those items front and center.

Instead of having to scroll down three miles to get your sites, for example, they’re now right on top. It’s about streamlining the time spent seeing the dashboard and making sure you have access to the things you need.

WPHub: How do you test the update to ManageWP before it goes live?

Adam W. Warner: We have an internal team of people who test the new features and make sure they work across all browsers. We also have some customers who are more likely than others to give us good feedback, so typically with new features like this, we roll things out on a per account basis so we can get feedback from specific people.

This dashboard redesign has been about six months in the making. Before the public release of ManageWP, we worked on the product for almost two years. By comparison, the dashboard been fast, but we want to make sure things are done right.

WPHub: Where did the original idea for ManageWP come from?

Adam W. Warner: The concept of managing multiple WordPress sites is not unique to ManageWP. We were the first ones to make it and build it correctly. A lot of people find MultiSite too complex for what they are looking to do. MultiSite is designed for people who want to manage large networks of sites. ManageWP is a way to connect a lot of single websites together.

WPHub: Talk about some of the challenges of marketing ManageWP in today’s competitive WordPress environment.

Adam W. Warner: We are operating in a highly competitive niche. We were the first ones to market it correctly, as I said, but we weren’t the first ones to build it. There are competitors we are actively competing against. One of the things setting us apart is the size of our team. We have over 20 people on our team. We have an office in Serbia and an office in Virginia Beach in the U.S.

We have a large team and typically we are able to fix bugs and those sorts of things quickly because of the time we spend developing initially. Because we have a team that’s dedicated to one product, it sets us apart from the competition.

Another thing we’ve been working on is our support. Our support tickets are averaging a completion time of 39 minutes right now, and we’re working to cut that down even further. We hope to offer U.S. home support soon too. The long and short is that we have a dedicated team of a lot of people who depend on the success of this product. A lot of us are users of ManageWP. We have WordPress backgrounds and do client freelance work, so we use the service ourselves.

WPHub: Where do you see the WordPress market going in the future?

Adam W. Warner: I see WordPress going more into enterprise level use. Right now, my job title is Enterprise Sales Manager. We have a version of ManageWP that is self-hosted, so you buy a license for a year and we’ll give you the entire source code. That’s for people who are at universities and need a secure environment, for example. A lot more enterprise people are using WordPress. I expect that side of the WordPress community to grow quite a bit.

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    Adam W. Warner

    Hi guys, thanks so much for the opportunity to share some details of our service and to speak a bit about the backend of the business. We really appreciate it!