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Up until now there has never been a great solution for managing multiple WordPress blogs. This may be a thing of the past as a new service called ManageWP aims to make it easier to manage several WordPress blogs from the one area.

ManageWP was developed by WordPress developer Vladimir Prelovac – author of the excellent ‘WordPress Plugin Development – Beginner’s Guide‘ (one of my first WordPress book purchases!).

It’s free to sign up to the service. After signing up you should install the ManageWP Worker plugin on each blog you want to administer from the dashboard. Following this, you simply add the URL and login details of each blog.

Add a New Blog to ManageWP

ManageWP is a WordPress plugin so you will be familiar with the design, though everything is laid out differently. Your blogs are listed in the home page and from here you can visit the posts, pages, comments, themes etc for each one i.e. you can do add/change/update anything for any of your blogs from the main dashboard. Opening up a link will open up a new tab in the dashboard so you can switch between different areas and different sites easily.


You can do everything you can do at your blogs normal URL; install plugins, change themes, add new posts and pages etc.

ManageWP Dashboard

I love this service. It’s a godsend for anyone who runs several WordPress blogs. At the moment you need to login to ManageWP but I don’t personally find this a problem.

Vladimir is planning on releasing a self-hosted version in the future though. This means you could administer all your WordPress websites from your own domain. I’m sure that it would also come in very handy for blog networks as well.

If you have a own a few WordPress websites, do yourself a favour and try out ManageWP. I am positive that you will find it useful.

Link: ManageWP

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