Make your feed subscription link within easy reach

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Feeds, which some may know as RSS, Atom, or even XML, are almost as important your blog itself. Why? For the simple reason that it contains the most important part of your blog, the content, in a very portable format. With the help of some smart design decisions with your WordPress theme, you can point your readers to keep up with the latest posts on your blog by making your feed subscription link more visible, and well within reach.

Where can you place that “subscribe” link and that orange icon?

At the very top of the page. If you’re really anxious to get your visitors to subscribe, putting a subscribe link at the very top, above everything else, should catch their attention. You can make use of a full-width bar in a contrasting color to grab their attention.

As part of the top navigation. Putting a feed link in your site navigation should be very easy since it’s just adding another item to your menu. But you might want it to be distinguishable from the rest of the links even just a bit.

At the top of the sidebar. A feed link, perhaps even an eye-catching feed icon, should do the trick when using the sidebar. Some people find their subscription links more valuable than other site elements, including the search bar, and put it at the very top.

Where do you put your feed subscription link? Are there any other clever places that can catch the reader’s eye?

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