Promote Products With Your Own Sales Team with Magic Affiliate

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Magic Affiliate is a premium Affiliate Plugin for WordPress which will help your affiliates sell your products. It boasts a high level of customisation, integration options and reporting features.

The plugin retails for $79 for a single license though multi user licenses are available.

Magic Affiliate WordPress Admin Area

The home screen shows you the total number of sales and commissions which have been earned by your affiliates. A start and end date can be entered here for precise reporting.

Magic Affiliate Admin Home Screen

The plugin has a screen which lists each affiliate and the commission which each affiliate has earned. This is useful for quickly seeing who is making you the most money. There is a banner page which you can add banners for affiliates too. You can add alt text and a description for each banner but there is no way to see which banners are being used (i.e. number of impressions per banner).

Click throughs are also tracked. The exact time of the click, the i.p. address of the clicker and the page referrer are also shown here. You should find this very useful; both for seeing when and where traffic is coming to your sales page and for detecting click fraud.

Magic Affiliate Admin Click Through Screen

The sales screen shows you everything about where and when sales are made and how much the affiliate earned for it. Item IDs are displayed to distinguish between your different products too.

Magic Affiliate Admin Sales Page

It’s very easy to customise how your affiliate area is setup and how affiliates are managed. How affiliates are paid, commission levels and sign up bonuses can all be set too.

The info on the affiliate sales page and the welcome email to new affiliates can be modified in this area too.

Magic Affiliate Admin Settings

Magic Affiliate offers integration with the popular WP-eCommerce WordPress plugin to offer a complete product solution. It also works with auto responders like AWeber, GetResponse and MailChimp.

Magic Affiliate Customer Area

The reporting area for your affiliates shows much the same information as the admin area except information is obviously specific to the affiliate. Referrals, sales, payment history and sub affiliates are all reported in this area.

Magic Affiliate Customer Home Screen

It’s very easy to brand the customer screens with your company details. The text at the top of the page can be changed in the settings area whilst the logo on the left hand column just needs to be replaced. Obviously you can modify this area more by editing templates though the default design should be more than sufficient for most of you.


I played around with Magic Affiliate for around 30-40 mins to get an idea of how it works and what it can do. I have not used it extensively to promote a product of my own so I cannot say how well it works in practice and whether there are any bugs. However it does appear to offer everything you need from an affiliate script.

If you are looking for a WordPress affiliate plugin then I encourage you to look into the script more, particularly if you are currently using WP-eCommerce (It isn’t clear how well it integrates with other e-commerce scripts).

Magic Affiliate retails for $79 for a single license, $159 for a 3 user license and $239 for an unlimited license.

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Link: Magic Affiliate WordPress Plugin