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Magazine3 is a brand new WordPress theme store which entered the WordPress community last week with 3 premium magazine designs. Matt Kaludi, the main developer, got in touch with me regarding the site so I thought I would bring the site to your attention.

All of the the themes are WordPress 3.0+ ready and come with their own options page. You can see a preview of the 3 designs which have been released so far below.

StyleLife WordPress Theme

GameUp WordPress Theme

Ultimate Showbiz
Ultimate Showbiz WordPress Theme

Magazine3 have a very peculiar Non-GPL pricing strategy. A single license is available for $49 which lets use the design on one website though you need to keep the footer links. You need to pay a further $10 to remove the link back to Magazine3. Those of you who would like to use a theme on multiple sites need to pay $125 though the footer credit link needs to remain. To use a theme on multiple sites without credit links you need to pay a whopping $199. This has to be the strangest pricing strategy I’ve seen in a while.

The designs are pretty good though and $49 for a single license is pretty reasonable, so don’t let the overvalued multiple site policy (and strange footer removal pricing) put you off.


Link: Magazine3