Magazine3 Announces MediaBlog Theme

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In a blog post dated October 13th, Magazine3 Founder & Chief Executive Officer Matt Kaludi announced the commercial release of the company’s 16th premium WordPress theme – MediaBlog. Dubbed as the “best choice” for web professionals who have an online presence and brand, this premium WordPress theme is 100% responsive.

“MediaBlog is a Blogging WordPress theme for Probloggers, Media Pros, authors & publishers. Every element of this theme is well crafted and makes your site look professional website and you get maximum exposure to your content,” Kaludi stated on the firm’s official news feed.

MediaBlog – A Closer Look

MediaBlog Responsive Design

When browsing through the MediaBlog Demo, one of the first things that attracts your attention is that this theme will indeed adjust automatically to the size of your screen. More than 90% of the time, the first thing I do when accessing a new demo is reduce the screen size of my browser’s window to get a simple Yes/No answer on the product’s “responsive-ability.”

With that test out of the way, we move on to the logo and top navigation area, which comes packed with a logo/description region at the top left, with a small search bar, social media icons and optional ad banner on the right. Personally, I like themes that are “busier” in this section (especially for any type of news feed site). There is a welcome message immediately below that leads into the featured content slider.

The border-less content slider is a very appropriate module for the MediaBlog theme in my opinion. It’s a no-nonsense tool that does its job in giving readers a quick glimpse at your most important entries along with providing the option to click through immediately to go to the full post. You’ll find the square-shaped image on the left, followed by the post’s title, publication date, author name, text excerpt and read more link on the right. Front-end users can choose to use either the arrow icons or tiny circular nodes on the bottom-right to manually scroll through the slides.

MediaBlog Content Slider

Multimedia Capabilities And Widgetized Regions

MediaBlog has multimedia capabilities and can easily handle video embeds through the back-end controls. In the screenshot below, I’ve pasted an excerpt of a post within the demo’s main feed that features a YouTube video embed. You readers can click “play” directly from the main feed to view the multimedia entry in its entirety, or click on the title to go through and read the full entry.

MediaBlog Multimedia Post Excerpt

There are also a load of widget positions within the sidebar and footer, which makes for a much more interactive experience when running a “busy” website with a significant amount of categorized material. I like the way Matt has bulked up the MediaBlog footer in the theme’s demo to contain as many widgets as possible. This gives beginning webmasters a solid point of reference when considering how to properly incorporate social media, advertising, popular posts, and custom widgets into their sidebar and footer.

MediaBlog Footer

Premium Theme Subscription Plans

To purchase any of the 16 premium WordPress themes currently being offered by Magazine3, there are three “individual” packages plus two “multiple” theme plans. All include lifetime support, updates, documentation and tutorials on how to use the products, plus free installation and logo PSD file.

The difference in price structure is derived from the license rights you will be granted upon making a purchase. Some plans allow you to use the themes on an unlimited amount of sites while others restrict usage to one domain only. Whether you can remove the footer link to Magazine3 will also depend on which subscription option you choose. By default, Magazine3 uses PayPal for the vast majority of its transactions, although alternate payment methods are available if you contact them directly.

Magazine3 Subscription Plans