Lucid By Elegant Themes Receives Sucuri Seal Of Approval

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If you’re never heard of the term theme security audit, then you may be surprised to learn that some companies request independent scrutiny of their own products in order to ensure top-notch quality through the critical eye of a third party. Recently, Elegant Themes founder Nick Roach solicited such a service from online firm Sucuri, which specializes in website clean up services, malware detection and faulty code detection.

One of the company’s most recently released themes, Lucid, went under the virtual microscope. The result? “After two weeks of extensive testing by their team and their partners at WebDev Studios, Sucuri has reported that zero critical issues were found and that the theme has been awarded the Sucuri Safe Seal without any required updates,” Roach stated in a blog post.

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The Elegant Themes founder added that the “security of our customers is extremely important to us. While I have complete confidence in our developers and their secure coding practices, I still like to have our code audited regularly by third party security experts to make sure that no critical issues have slipped through the cracks. Most recently, we approached Sucuri to do an intensive audit of one of our newest themes, Lucid, and along with it the ePanel codebase, Shortcodes Collection and Page Templates that power our entire collection of themes.”

Why Perform An Audit?

Elegant Themes, which currently has over 150,000 subscribers, has quickly become one of the main “go-to” websites for premium WordPress templates. Its all-inclusive package that grants full access to more than 70 themes for a yearly fee of $39 has caught on in a major way. Clients from around the world depend on ET for getting websites up and running nearly instantaneously without having to manipulate any amount of code. For the most part, the themes offered by Nick Roach’s firm focus on subdued color palettes, back end ease-of-use, and pre-designed setups for everything from an e-Commerce site to personal blog.

Elegant Themes Approval Seal

By taking the initiative and requesting scrutiny even when there is no suspicion of faulty code shows a lot of confidence in the development team. Indeed, Roach stated as much. “While I didn’t expect there to be any major issues in the first place, this type of review is a great validation to our team and their efforts. I am pleased to know that the coding practices that we use are air-tight. Going forward, we will continue to keep your security at the top of our priority list and to collaborate with security experts to ensure that we are leveraging every possible tool to do so!”

Just as it may be helpful for an individual who writes an article to solicit the opinion of another writer, code audits in many cases can assure those who are pleased with their original efforts that the final release is of a high standard, while receiving the additional benefit of spotting any critical issues in time to fix them and avoid a faulty end product.

More To Come From Elegant Themes

Many WordPress users find the low yearly subscription price extremely accessible for the amount of options that are ultimately made available. However, the company certainly hasn’t rested on its laurels. Even after establishing a solid foothold in the market, ET has continued to update its themes and is planning the launch of the Harmony theme for recording artists in upcoming weeks.

By utilizing the WordPress open-source platform, there has also been a massive amount of theme extensions made available to bloggers and developers. The plugins that have been created by Elegant Themes are all available in the Developer License plan for a yearly subscription fee of $89, which also includes Layered Photoshop Files.