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Social Login for WordPress is a plugin that uses the Login Radius service so that your visitors can sign in using over 20 different popular web services.

Once you have set the plugin up, your users can sign up and login to your website using the following services: Facebook, Google, Twitter, Vkontakte, AOL, Flickr, Yahoo, Linkedin, FourSquare, WordPress, Blogger, MyOpenID, LiveJournal, VeriSign, OpenID, Hyves, Mixi, MySpace, Orange, StackExchange, SteamCommunity and Virgilio.

To use the plugin you will need to sign up for free at LoginRadius. In your profile you can select the domain for your website and select which providers you want to allow users to sign up with. The API Key and Secret codes need to be entered into your WordPress settings area in order for the plugin to work.

LoginRadius Sign In Options

The plugin is fairly quick to setup however you do need to setup each provider that you intend to use individually. Each provider requires you to quickly sign up and get an API Key and Secret. This part is a bit of a pain though you only need to do it once. LoginRadius provide detailed steps showing you how to get the key for each provider so although a little time consuming, you shouldn’t have any difficulties with this step.

LoginRadius Provider Settings

The WordPress settings page for the plugin has a few additional options. You can customise the test that is shown above the social media icons and configure the email settings. After signing up or logging in, users can be redirected to the same page of your blog, your homepage, the admin dashboard or a specified URL.

LoginRadius Plugin Settings

The social icons are displayed underneath the username and password fields. 4 icons are shown at a time though the user can view more social media services by scrolling to the left or right. Once you click on an icon, a pop up gives you the option to sign in. Note, if you haven’t entered the API Key and Secret in your LoginRadius website, a message will appear asking you to enter your API details. Obviously you don’t want your users to see this message so make sure you enter the API details for any provider you select.

LoginRadius User Sign In

The plugin is available in 8 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, German.

It’s becoming more and more important to give visitors the chance to sign up or login to WordPress using a 3rd party service such as Facebook or Twitter. By doing so you will more people to sign up to your site, leave comments and take part in your bbPress discussion forums.

It may take you 15+ mins or so to set up the API information for several providers though once you have done so the plugin takes care of everything else. I recommend trying it out if you want to make it easier for users to sign up to your website.


Social Login for WordPress: Information | Download

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  • Comment by buddhatunes

    We wasted over $1,000 on this plugin and customizations, and have nothing to show for it. They repeatedly claimed to have done the work, even though the plugin was not even installed. In addition, they do not provide analytics as advertised.

    We are a non-profit & finally asked for a refund and termination of service. They refused to refund the money.

    There are several other plugins that provide the same capabilities, but are free and cannot be more disreputable than this company!

  • Comment by WPMods

    @wplift thanks for letting me know. I’m puzzled as to why that is happening. It was a new post not an old one that was modified.