Locu Integration Means Auto Menu Import On WordPress.com Websites

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The restaurant menu management website Locu.com recently teamed up with Automattic to integrate its menu editing and social media sharing software into websites that use WordPress.com.

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If you’re a restaurant owner who is looking for an easy, efficient way of managing, editing and sharing your menus across a wide range of social media sites, then Locu offers a one-stop destination that makes routine altering of prices and items an easy task to perform due to the way it stores new data and allows for quick changes.

Rene Reinsberg, who heads the company responsible for bringing local merchants in contact with consumers, said Thursday that “the launch of our WordPress.com integration is a big step towards further helping restaurants better manage their online presence.” The basic service offered by Locu is offered to restaurant owners for free while the site’s premium features (available for a monthly subscription price) grant support, organized templates, and menu item images.

WordPress.com Integration: How It Works

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Websites that use WordPress.com for their hosting will now be able to insert a simple shortcode that will automatically incorporate the most recently updated menu from Locu onto an existing site. There are no extra steps necessary since the data is already stores in one location. The Locu system can generate printed menus, provide free advertisement through its menu distribution system, and also includes Enhanced Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The official Locu website tells potential clients, “We recognize the challenge of managing and changing menus. Whether you’re using a designer or going the DIY route, it’s time consuming and costly. Then there are the updates to worry about: to your website, mobile site, social feeds, and across search sites. We created Locu so that you don’t have to think about that ever again. Your menus are in one place; they’re easy to update, a cinch to design (even if you’re not a designer), and when you’re ready, we publish and distribute your up-to-date menu everywhere it needs to be.”

News Coverage

As of Thursday afternoon, there were two main news stories published on the agreement between Locu and WordPress.com. The first comes from TechCrunch.com, who said, “For WordPress.com, this integration is yet another step toward positioning itself as more than just a site for hosting blogs. Besides restaurants sites, WordPress.com also launched verticals for schools and portfolios.”

Yahoo Finanace also picked up the story; adding that with 61 million websites using WordPress.com and self-hosted WordPress, and over 100,000 new accounts created daily, WordPress has become the CMS of choice for websites of all sizes.”

Ideal For Reaching Mobile Users

The “Responsive” revolution has had a major impact on WordPress sites over the past 18 months due to the need of catering to a growing amount of mobile device and tablet computer users. No longer do smart phone users expect to inconveniently thumb-scroll and pinch their way through a single page just to get a clear glance at all its content.

By adjusting the grid scale of content regions automatically, responsive WordPress themes (along with pre-designed template providers such as Locu) grant front-end users a comfortable, customized view of any website. This is especially important for future diners who wish to view menu dishes and pricing without having to spend the vast majority of their time moving horizontally along a page.

Many themes on the market today include online booking features (not to mention there are a number of free plugins that achieve this purpose) in order to make RSVP dining reservations a reality for even the smallest local businesses. By using a service such as Locu for menu generation and management, restaurant owners and chefs can focus a larger percentage of their time on accommodating actual customers.

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