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Losing your internet connection can be incredibly frustrating. One of the problems of losing your connection when writing an article on WordPress occurs when you hit the publish button. If you do this when you’re offline you’re browser will give you an error message stating that you need to go online. You’re work is usually lose when you click the back button.

This issue was helped with the introduction of drafts as WordPress saves revisions of your work periodically. You can still lose some of your work though which can be a real pain. Thankfully, Local Storage Backup eliminates this problem altogether by backing up a copy of your article locally so you don’t lose any work.

All you need to do is activate the plugin; there is no settings page to complete or templates to edit. Due to this, it was important that I tested this plugin out to see if it did what it promised.

As you would expect, when I disconnected from my router and hit the publish button on my post I got an error message stating that I was offline. Clicking on the back button didn’t help as I had to reload the page, thus losing any content I had written.

Local Storage Backup

I re-connected to my router, activated the Local Storage Backup WordPress plugin and disconnected again. On this occasion, WordPress did not attempt to publish my article when I clicked on the publish button. Instead, a message was shown at the bottom of my post editor that advised me that my connection was down and that it was safe to close my browser as it will be published next time I visit my blog.

Local Storage Backup

So simple and yet so effective, Local Storage Backup is a fantastic plugin and has therefore been added to our list of Essential WordPress Plugins. Those of you with fast reliable connections may not worry too much about losing work due to being offline however I still think it’s worth installing even if downtime only happens once a year. Plus, you might not always be working on your site on your usual reliable connection.

Local Storage Backup

One major drawback I’ve found with using the plugin is the publish option is removed completely so you can save drafts but you need to use the main post screen to set the post to publish. I am not 100% sure whether this is an error that needs addressed or a necessary step that plugin needs to take in order to stop your work being lost. I’ve had problems with Chrome crashing recently when too many tabs are opened and lost a lot of work because of it, so for me this is a minor inconvenience at best as it’s more important that any work I do is not lost.

I strongly encourage you all to install it and try it out. Two minutes to install it could save you a lot of hassle in the future :)


Link: Local Storage Backup

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  • Comment by Affan

    Yeah, absolutely on of essential wp plugins.
    i’ve experienced this problem for few times and it really made me frustating