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Live blogging is a relatively new concept that began catching on as soon as Internet connection speeds evolved from dial-up to broadband. This allowed many more individuals to reliably download information, but has also made it possible for website administrators to give more thought into real-time reporting. Still, live blogging over the past five years has traditionally been a tedious task to perform from the back-end due to the pressures of getting information published as quickly as possible without leaving out key media. Switching back and forth between the Dashboard and publication area often have an author switching tabs nonstop to ensure one post has been correctly inserted while at the same time performing work on the next update. The Liveblog Plugin from VIP addresses issues that many event bloggers face, and the plugin’s code has now been open sourced for self-hosted WordPress sites.

Liveblog Plugin

Live Blogging

There are two major reasons why readers appreciate live blogs. The first one is the most common and gives Internet users throughout the world an opportunity to stay on top of an event’s progress as it happens in cases where viewing the event itself is not possible. The live blogging concept has gained remarkable traction for Pay Per View sports presentations in which viewers haven’t shelled out the payment but still wish to follow all the action in real time. Boxing, mixed martial arts and wrestling are great examples of why having a live blogger on site can result in an instantaneous traffic boost as fans worldwide follow the happenings blow-by-blow. This service is can currently be provided by practically anyone with press credentials who is viewing an event live from its original location.

The second reason for readers to view live blogs is to gain a different perspective or to gain additional information on a program that is already being viewed or listened to. Although less Internet users may be familiar with this concept, it has been around for decades and began when live audience members of a sporting event brought handheld radios to the game in order to listen to play-by-play and color commentary while watching the action as it transpires on the field, in a ring, on the ice, or on the court. Live blogging brings this service to readers that were formerly constrained to reading an opinionated version of what transpired in tomorrow’s newspaper.

Liveblog Plugin Functionality

So technically speaking, how does the Liveblog Plugin enhance real time reporting? To begin with, back-end users will no longer have to go through the WordPress Dashboard to publish a post. The tool gives webmasters front-end publication capabilities that lets them stay on the actual page and verify updates as soon as they are posted.

Liveblog Front Page Access

Refreshing is no longer necessary as the information will post as soon as you strike the proverbial Enter key, plus drag-and-drop functionality add the ability to quickly insert images on the fly without having to waste precious seconds flipping back-and-forth from the Dashboard to the Event Page.

URLs can be easily pasted to allow video and Twitter embeds while using the Liveblog Plugin, and every single post can be configured as a “Live Blog Entry” without having to set up a separate website in order to achieve the proper format. Browser refreshing is no longer necessary; a fact that will transform any live blogger’s page overnight and enable even higher quality live news generation than before.

Liveblog Download

The LiveBlog Plugin code has been completely open sourced for self-hosted WordPress websites and can be downloaded directly from the Liveblog Add-On Page. VIP members can use the tool for an unlimited amount of sites for a monthly fee.

If you would like to give the Liveblog Plugin a try, you can Download Version 1.3 today and begin real-time reporting on your blog site immediately.