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Today I will be showing you a selection of free and premium plugins and themes which allow you to create a directory using the WordPress script. Most of these scripts use posts to store link information though some taken advantage of WordPress’s in built blogroll feature.

In future we should see more plugin developers use the new Custom Post Type feature, introduced in WordPress 3.0, to store link information in new post types.

In total there are 10 free WordPress plugins and 1 premium WordPress theme listed in this article. I’m sure you will find something which does what you are looking for.

Enjoy :)


Free Link Directory Plugins for WordPress

1. WordPress Link Directory

WordPress Link Directory allows you to add a link directory to any page on your site (using the shortcode [wplinkdir]).

The plugin has a huge number of features. Links can be added manually by admin or by visitors. Link submissions can be added automatically or after approval. A reciprocal linking option is available whereby links will only be approved of a return link is added to the submitters website. You can set it so that only sites with a Page Rank of a certain level have to do this.

WordPress Link Directory WordPress Plugin

The plugin also has a premium link option where users can pay a set fee (via PayPal) to have their link displayed at the top of the category. A reciprocal link can still be required for premium links if required. You can also import and export links when necessary.

A good option for those who want to add a link directory to their main website.

Download: WordPress Link Directory

2. Open Links Directory

A plugin which mimics the Open Directory Project.

The category and link setup is quite basic however you can integrate Google Adsense into your directory via the admin panel.

Open Links Directory WordPress Plugin

Download: Open Links Directory

3. Business Directory

A basic directory plugin which lists all links on the one page. Links are split into pages as your directory grows and links can be filtered by category, however everything is linked dynamically on the one page.

Business Directory WordPress Plugin

Download: Business Directory

4. Wp-Directory-List

A business directory plugin which offers additional fields for business users such as address, phone and contact email.

Captcha validation can be added to the link submission form and users can be forced to enter information in certain fields before the submission is accepted.

Wp-Directory-List WordPress Plugin

Links can have ‘nofollow’ tags attached to them and thumbnail images can be generated for them too.

Download: Wp-Directory-List

5. Connections

A great plugin which can be used as a public address book or a business or staff directory. A wealth of information can be added for users including address, phone, email, messenger id, social media id, website address and much more.

Connections WordPress Plugin

One of the best features is the ability to add large profile images of users to listings. The example below, taken from Yellow Yogi, shows how listings can be customised to suit your needs.

Connections WordPress Plugin

If you are looking to add an address book or public directory for users on your website then I recommend checking Connections out.

Download: Connections

6. Article Directory

Reviewed at WPMods back in June, the Article Directory plugin works in conjunction with it’s directory theme (though you can use your existing theme if you want).

The directory is very easy to customise, particularly when it comes to how categories are displayed.

Article Directory WordPress Theme

To add the directory to your site you just need to add one line of PHP code though the theme which works with the plugin works really well with it and comes with great banner integration.

Download: Article Directory

7. Web Directory WordPress plugin

Download: Web Directory WordPress plugin

Web directory is a basic plugin which uses the WordPress blogroll feature. You can add the directory to one of your pages by using the shortcode [wplinks].

Web Directory WordPress Plugin

It’s more of an advanced blogroll plugin than a fully functioning directory. It should suit those who are looking for something simple.

8. zeList

Another directory plugin which pulls links from your blogroll, ZeList has some nice features such as SEO optimised URL’s and a submit a link form. The submission form is not very common for this type of plugin; most plugins like this can only pull links from the blogroll and have no function to allow users to submit links.

ZeList WordPress Directory Plugin

The actual directory is quite basic though it should be more than sufficient for those who just need a basic link or sponsors on their website.

ZeList WordPress Directory Plugin

Download: zeList

9. WP Contacts Directory

A great little contacts directory which lists the name, email, website, phone and address of contacts.

WP Contacts Directory WordPress Plugin

The number of contacts per page can be set and the contact template and styling can be adjusted in the options page too.

Download: WP Contacts Directory

10. WP Link Dir

Originally released in 2008, WP Link Dir was eventually updated again this year with the release of version 1.0. The plugin is quite unique in that it uses WordPress pages to store directory information instead of posts or links (i.e. blogroll).

WP Link Dir WordPress Plugin

The directory is SEO optimised, using the .html extension for categories. Each link in the directory has a thumbnail image generated for it. The page rank is displayed for each link too as well as a small description.

WP Link Dir WordPress Plugin

WP Link Dir is still a work in progress but it has a lot of potential.

Download: WP Link Dir

Premium Link Directory Plugins for WordPress

11. Directory Press

A version of this design used to be available for free however developers Premium Press have since converted it to a premium theme.

The theme is easily the best looking directory option available to WordPress users and comes with a lot of great features such as integrated advertising, multi language support, integrated Google Analytics tracking, import tools and much more.

Directory Press WordPress Theme

Directory Press retails for $79 and comes with unlimited updates and support.

Download: Directory Press

If you know of any other good directory plugins or themes for WordPress please let me know and I’ll include it in the list :)


* Plugins tested for this article but did not work: WordPress MyLinks, WP-Business Directory, WP Easy Business Directory

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  • Comment by Mike

    Very nice suggestions I have one more.
    This plugin will allow you to put directory on your site, or just link window (to display/exchange links), will automatically exchange links based on your settings(if you want to use this feature), just to name a few things.

  • Comment by Mike

    Very nice suggestions I have one more.
    This plugin will allow you to put directory on your site, or just link window (to display/exchange links), will automatically exchange links based on your settings(if you want to use this feature), just to name a few things.

  • Comment by Bharat

    Only this plugin works best. Rest all above plugins are waste of time.

  • Comment by BevBuys

    This was really helpful thank you. I’ve got to admit I was scratching my head a bit over finding a suitable wordpress directory but this made things sound simple.

  • Comment by Barbara

    I have successfully used Link Library to create a WordPress Directroy. Like a few of those mentioned, the plugin ties into the links on your blogroll, etc. It has tons of customization options including descriptions, thumbshots, custom formatting, pagination options, etc. You can also choose whether or not to let users submit links. I’m using to display a directory of websites: http://www.talkstorymedia.net/websites/

  • Comment by KJ

    Any other plugins are available ?