Monitor your Traffic with LBAK User Tracking

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LBAK User Tracking is a fully functional page tracking plugin which displays a lot of information about your visitors.

The settings screen lets you customise exactly what and what isn’t tracked. This allows you to focus on the statistics which are important to you.

LBAK User Tracking WordPress Plugin

The following information can be tracked by LBAK:

  • IP address
  • The HTTP referrer
  • The time of the click
  • User ID
  • User Level
  • Display Name
  • Browser
  • Operating System
  • The page they visited

Stats widgets can be dragged to your admin dashboard so that you can easily see important stats after you login to your website.

LBAK User Tracking WordPress Plugin

LBAK is a great way of tracking the users and showing their IP address, the browser they used, and the page they used. A good plugin for all you stats fiends :)


Link: LBAK User Tracking